Top Apps That Restaurant Managers Must Use

Managing restaurants is not everyone’s cup of tea. It involves collecting a perfect mix of resources (human and non-human) and putting everything in place. From employee scheduling to managing smart inventory, streamlining customer feedback to managing the kitchen, there is a lot to focus on as a restaurant manager. 

Today, smart restaurant managers use smart technology to manage restaurants. Restaurant technology has transformed the way restaurants operate, replacing tedious tasks with automation for greater efficiency and productivity.  You can also use some of the stellar restaurant apps that can help you run your business by providing you with valuable insights to help you focus on creating the best customer experience.

If you are a restaurant manager, we have compiled a set of incredible applications that you can use to improve your operations right away!

Before we head over to the list of apps, let’s give you a quick reminder that to make the most of the applications and unlock their features, you need to connect your devices to super-fast internet. Anything like spectrum will be a great choice. With download speeds up to 1 Gig and incredible customer service, it is well-suited for your various internet needs. If you are Spanish, you may check into Spectrum servicio al cliente to get more details to find exclusive deals and offers.

Anyway, here are the best applications restaurant managers can check out.

Top Apps That Restaurant Managers Must Use
Restaurant Managers Apps


Avero is an incredible suite of applications for restaurants to support sales forecasting, workforce management, budgeting tools, revenue and food cost management, and analytics for improving efficiency and managing loss prevention.

It is a handy tool for restaurateurs to get valuable insights into business operations. It can be easily integrated with Point of Sale (POS) to access a full suite of solutions. In essence, key aspects of the restaurant, including performance tracking, inventory management, and revenue management can be done in a snap of fingers.


For busy restaurants, it is an inconvenience for both restaurants and customers when they have to linger in crowded entryways for payment for meals. But TouchBistro has got you the solution. It is a point-of-sale application for iPads, and it allows servers to receive payments. Moreover, with this app, managers can monitor sales activities and the administrators can quickly access performance trends. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to make real-time changes to the menu and inventory and split bills.

Team Communication

As the name implies, Team Communication is an app built for collaboration and communication of team members. With this app, you can send messages to individual staff members and teams alike and make announcements, inform them about shift changes, and share documents. What sets this conversation app apart from the rest is that it allows employees to take scheduling changes into their own hands to make approved shift swaps and communicate with others.


Hootsuite is a stellar social media management tool that comes in handy to publish, schedule, and foster community engagement. It is the tool needed for the marketing team to build awareness about the restaurant on digital platforms and pace up the growth. With this tool, you can publish posts across multiple social media platforms and schedule them in advance for days and months. This tool also gives you insights into the performance of the content across all platforms on one interface.


Another application that restaurateurs need to use is BevSpot. It allows you to track kitchen and bar inventory effortlessly on any device. There is more. This app allows you to get quick sales performance insights to help you make well-thought-out decisions to improve RoI (Return on Investment).

Bottom Line

If you are a restaurant manager or hold any responsibility to run it, you must have an endless list of tasks and responsibilities on your shoulders. From managing the staff, and managing inventory to ensuring the best customer service and keeping track of income and spending, there are a whole lot of tasks to take care of. In that regard, we would recommend you use technology to improve the pace of tasks and increase productivity.

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