How to Cooking On A Rocket Stove – Tips and Tricks

What is a camper’s best friend right after his tent and bug spray? Food! You cannot go out camping without any kind of food and water. 

With food, comes the process of cooking. And nothing is better than a rocket stove in the wild. It’s not only efficient but also easy to build or carry around. 

Camping or simply out in the wild cooking, or doing some cooking in your backyard, you just can’t beat cooking on a rocket stove.

And if you don’t have any idea about it, we are going to walk you through it all. 

cooking on a rocket stove

Step By Step Guide To Cooking On A Rocket Stove | Your Outdoor Flame Cooker

A rocket stove uses very little fuel to cook your food fast, and efficiently. Also, it doesn’t generate as much smoke but more heat due to its construction. We are going to walk you through the steps right after talking about the things you will need. 

Things you will need:

  • A rocket stove. (You can buy it at a camping store or build one yourself)
  • A pot or pan. 
  • Sticks, twigs, or leaves as fuel. 
  • A fire starter. 

After you get everything ready, it’s time to move to the cooking. 

Step 1: Light The Fire Starter And Place It In The Stove

Start by lighting the fire starter and place it on the stove. It’s always the fire starter first.

Step 2: Add The Fuel

When the starter is going, put in some twigs or sticks that you have to get the fire going. And let it get all fired up. 

Step 3: Place The Pot Or Pan Over The Rocket Stove

Now place the pot or pan over the rocket stove. Wait for a bit. A half of a second is enough as a rocket stove gets pretty hot really fast. 

Step 4: Start Cooking After The Pan Is Hot

Put in whatever you want to cook, burgers, hot dogs, chillis, or even a steak. And cook as you would on a regular stove. 

Step 5: Adjust The Flame To Your Need 

If you need more firepower, add some more twigs or sticks to the stove. If you need the fire to go down a bit, take some out. That’s how you live in the wild. 

Note: Always put out the flame after each use. Leaving a fire going can lead to a disaster. 

traditional wood  drilled rocket stove

Safety Notes:

  • Use gloves or cloths to hold the pan. As a rocket stove gets hot pretty fast, you might burn yourself handling a hot pan. 
  • Use dry and small twigs rather than big ones. This will allow you to adjust the flame and heat. 
  • Make sure the area you are cooking is well-ventilated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are rocket stoves good for cooking?

Yes. One of the powerful and most efficient DIY outdoor stoves is a rocket stove. And if you ask any camper, they will swear by it. It is not only efficient because of its firepower, but how it is built. No matter how it is built, bricks, metal, or wood, it serves its purpose thoroughly.

Are rocket stoves efficient?

Yes. As it only has to gaps for air in and air escape, the combustion rate is higher than any outdoor stove. 

What is so special about rocket stove?

Rocket stoves are nothing fancy or special aside from the fact that they require very little fuel and give out a lot more power back. This is why they are special, especially in places where there is no access to gas or propane tanks. 

What is the rocket stove method?

The rocket stove method is a two-hole combination stove that has an L or J-shaped stove. The hole on the bottom not only acts as the fuel hole, but also the oxygen entering side, and the only exit point is on the top. Making the fire go right upwards to the cookware.


The smaller your twigs, the better control you have on the rocket stove. Don’t cramp up the stove with fuel. It might seem it won’t be enough, but trust us, rocket stoves require very little sticks to start the heat going. You can always add to the fire whenever you need it. So make sure you don’t overdo it. With practice, you will be a pro in no time. 

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