How To Build Pizza Wood-Fired Oven? Steps I Followed

If you’ve ever tasted pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, your life will never remain the same again. There is no way that you can just return to that old bready thing that you can find in stores or restaurants. After some time, you feel like you need your own pizza oven.

But how to build pizza wood-fired oven? Constructing your own wooden-fired pizza could be a fun and delightful project. It is so exhaustive that you want to quit, but the end result is just out of this world.

It entails locating the appropriate place, selecting the materials, and building the oven base and dome. Your oven will also require proper insulation, installation of a chimney, and curing process in addition to the above.

And today, I am going to talk all about that.

How to build pizza wood-fired oven

Step By Step Guide To Building a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Trust us, it might look overwhelming, but the end result is a masterpiece. While you are doing this, think of it as an investment rather than a DIY project. Because you just can’t beat the taste of a wood-fired pizza.

So before starting the steps, let’s gather the things you will need. Here is a list to make it more convenient for you.

Materials And Tools You Will Need:

  1. Firebricks
  2. Refractory mortar
  3. Insulation blanket
  4. Cinder blocks
  5. Concrete mix
  6. Stainless steel flue pipe
  7. Metal door
  8. Thermometer
  9. Shovel
  10. Wheelbarrow
  11. Level
  12. Hammer
  13. Chisel
  14. Saw
  15. Mixer
  16. Safety glasses
  17. Gloves

After you have gathered everything, let’s start building the oven.

Step 1: Select a Suitable Location

Select a well-ventilated area free of flammable materials. Make sure the location is level and provides effective drainage.

Step 2: Build the Base

Use cinder blocks to make a base of at least 6 inches thick extending 12 inches beyond the oven’s perimeter, and concrete mix to lay it.

Step 3: Lay Firebricks

Place them in a spiral around the base. Connect them with refractory mortar. The oven should be at least 24 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.

Step 4: Insulate the Oven

Tighten the insulation blanket with wire or string to wrap the oven. Cut to fit the insulation blanket.

Step 5: Create a Flue Hole

Cut a hole in the top of the oven for the flue pipe, making it a little bit smaller than the diameter of the pipe.

Step 6: Install the Door

Set the metal door to the front of the oven using a refractory mortar and put it on it.

Step 7: Attach the Flue Pipe

Take the stainless steel flue pipe, hook it to the oven, and raise it perpendicular to the oven. It should be at least 3300 millimeters.

Step 8: Cure It To Perfection

Heat the oven up gradually over days to cure it. First, preheat the oven to 200° F for approximately a few hours. Turn up the temperature gradually over 2-3 days to the level of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Such a procedure ensures that your wood-fired oven is ready for baking and can maintain high temperatures for making delicious pizzas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bricks would you need to build a wood-fired pizza oven at your place?

You would ordinarily need, for a small to medium-sized pizza oven, about two hundred and thirty firebricks, but the requirement, again, depends on one’s oven’s specifications among other design considerations.

What makes the best material for a wood-fired pizza oven?

Firebricks and refractory mortar are the best materials for a wood-fired pizza oven. Firebricks are ideal in terms of high temperatures and for refractory mortar binding.

What kind of wood do you use for a wood-fired pizza oven?

Oak, maple, hickory, apple, or cherry for choice of hardwoods. Do not use softwood such as pine or cedar. Choose seasoned and dry wood for effective heating and minimal smoke for that perfect wood-fired pizza taste.


Building a wood-fired pizza oven is both a rewarding DIY project and a gateway to exceptional homemade pizzas. Armed with the right materials, tools, and knowledge, you can transform your backyard into a culinary haven. Just have patience, go slow, give it time, and the reward is fresh wood-fired oven pizza. 

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