What Does The Bagel Button Do On A Toaster | What’s its Purpose?

The good old Bagel! It has not only survived the test of time but also the taste and authenticity have been the same in most places around the country. And in some places, it’s not only food but an experience. The place that makes them are considered institutions.

So whenever you out for some bagels, you might want to bring some home. So you can start your day again with the fresh, warm, fluffy bread, with the toppings and fillings or without. And putting in a toaster is the best thing to do.

Some toasters come with a Bagel button. It’s that popular. So what does the bagel button do on a toaster? Does it bake the bagel from scratch? Or puts it in a magical potion?

Well, it toasts the bagel at an optimum temperature. This keeps the inside warm and soft while the outside gets all toasty. We are going to explain all about that today. 

what does the bagel button do on a toaster

The Bagel Button On A Toaster | Why Is It There

Unlike other bread products, the bagel is a bit different. Not only the dough-making procedure but also the baking. It goes into a boiling session, then goes into the oven with or without the toppings.

The boiling gives it a soft inside and elastic texture. Which makes it denser than regular bread and doughnuts. So warming it up in a toaster is also different.

You just cannot place it in and start toasting it in high heat like a slice of bread. The placement is also different.

You have to put the cut side of the bagel down leaving the shiny side up. And then press the bagel button on your toaster. What it does is heat the bagel up slowly. Some toasters also turn off the heating elements for some time to get the inside warm first, then crisp the outside.

This is what the bagel button is there for. Although you can set your optimum temperature manually for your bagel, the dedicated button is a nice touch. You will get warm fluffy bagels in no time with the outside crisped up. 

For those who want a bit more crispier insides rather than soft and pillowy, you can go on and toast the bagel in manual settings. Also, the Bagel button is called a Browning button in some toasters. The function is the same, but the name is different. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which way should the bagel face in the toaster?

The shiny side of the bagel or outer part should face upwards and the inside of the bagel should face the racks in a toaster. This allows the upper part to be crispy and toasty while the inside stays warm and fluffy as a bagel should be. Right out of the oven. 

How do you use a bagel toaster?

To use a bagel toaster, you have to cut the bagel and place the cut side down and the shiny side up. And press the Bagel button if any. Let it toast until the toaster beeps. If there isn’t a dedicated button, you can set your desired temperature and take it out after the bagel is done. 


Toasters have come a long way. From a small appliance in the kitchen to a full-on convection toaster, all are now available. You get to do a lot with it. And if you are a bagel fan, then surely you should use the Bagel button on your toaster. It’s a worry-free toasting experience, that gives you a crisp and crunchy bagel every time. 

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