[EXPLAINED] Why Do the Oven and Cooktop Breakers Have Metal Clip?

As you may already know, breakers in ovens and cooktops are basically the circuit breakers that ensure power supply to these kitchen items. They’re pretty important when it comes to controlling the power supply for high-power-consuming appliances like electric cooktops and ovens. But many users wonder what’s the purpose or usage of the metal clips when they notice them with the breakers. 

Why do the breakers come with metal clips? What kind of purpose do they serve? Primarily, they’re used to lock the breakers on or off, or in other words, disconnect the oven or cooktop from the power supply. Keep reading to have a clear concept about the breakers’ metal clips.

Why Do the Oven and Cooktop Breakers Have Metal Clip

What Is the Purpose of Metal Clip in Oven and Cooktop Breakers? 

The metal clips are called by different names such as disconnecting means, pigtail, breaker tie, etc. These clips refer to the appliances’ electrical code and indicate the breaker panel when it’s out of sight. They’re mainly used to cut off the power supply, especially in terms of service or maintenance. But they have a broad range of purposes which are –

1. Visual Indicator

The metal clips themselves are pretty important things in terms of safety from electrical hazards. Therefore, they play an important role in indicating that the breaker is also an important part of the circuit for a cooktop or an oven. They also help to identify a specific circuit in an electrical panel where multiple circuits are present.

2. Ensure Safety Regulation 

Appliances like cooktops and ovens come with many electrical codes and safety standards that require the use of these metal clips. The simple reason is to ensure compliance with overall safety regulations. By making them useful, you can ensure that electrical connections remain safe and secure.

3. Prevent Accidental Power Cut 

The metal clips also ensure that the breaker may not accidentally cut off the power supply. The dedicated circuits of ovens and cooktops should not be powered off to ensure an unhindered operation and that’s why it’s important to prevent the breaker from turning off inadvertently, which is ensured by the clips.

4. Ensure Arc Protection 

An arc can occur from any kind of electrical fault or short circuit. In this case, electrical energy gets discharged generating a spark. Arc is often blamed for potentially causing electrical fire. This is where the metal clips get the job done. It diminishes the risk of arcing by ensuring a secure connection between the electrical panel and the breaker.

Important Tips

Now that you know the purposes of the metal clips, you should also get to know how to use them to turn or lock on or off the breakers. 

  • To turn them off, simply flip them to the off position. This will break the circuit and cut off the power supply for ovens or cooktops. Once the appliances are turned off, you can safely service or maintain them. 
  • To turn them on, flip them to the on position. As simple as that! 

Remember that the clips must be located within sight of the cooktops or oven and it must be lockable and accessible to qualified personnel only if needed.

Final Verdict

In short, it can be said that the cooktop and oven circuit breakers have metal clips so that the power supply for the appliances can be cut off safely when needed, and only when you prefer or do so, not accidentally. If you have an oven or cooktop that’s hardwired and your circuit breaker panel is out of sight, ensure that the breaker has a metal clip. Otherwise, you should install one. The specific design and requirements for the clips may vary based on local electrical codes and regulations. Therefore, if you’re unsure about the proper installation or maintenance of these clips, you can consult a qualified electrician.

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