Can Corningware Glass Lids Go In The Oven?

Putting glass in the oven sometimes brings an enormous risk of exploding the interior. When it comes to the Corningware glass dishes, you shouldn’t put them inside an oven before knowing the post effects. Remember that, a glass lid explosion can break the oven door, causing a fire. Only if you know how to use them in an oven, the risk can be avoided effortlessly.

So, gathering knowledge is a must to understand whether can Corningware glass lids go in the oven or not in all conditions. Once you know how Corningware glass lids react to the baking process of an oven, fudging the risk is pretty easy. Well, here you’ll get a detailed answer to this question.

Can Corningware Glass Lids Go In The Oven

Can Corningware Glass Lids Go In The Ovens?

Yes, Corningware glass lids can go in the ovens but in several conditions. You know that baking in a glass dish always requires a glass lid. Though the glass dishes are built to withstand high temperatures, there’s a chance that remains to break the glass lids. Placing a Corningware lidded dish inside an oven is safe only when you’ve taken the necessary measurements before.

Every time you cook using Corningware, make sure to check the Corningware lids, whether they are damaged or chipped in any part. Never put the Corningware lid in the oven if you see any cracked spot in any part of the glass lid. Because, the entire lid can break, creating a blast inside. In that case, you increase the risk of damaging the oven too. We recommend using fresh Corningware lids for baking inside a range.

If you have a habit of putting scorching items into cold Corningware containers, avoid it when placing the container in an oven. Doubling the temperature from both the food and the stove can crack the containers within seconds. 

As a result, the food will be spilled inside the oven, and it can create flames sometimes. On the opposite side, you should also avoid putting food directly from the freezer into the Corningware glass lids to bake the food safely in an oven.

What Is The Highest Temperature For Corningware Glass Lids In The Oven?

Since Corningware glass lids are sensitive to extreme temperatures, you should never exceed the temperature limit for similar dishes. Usually, the highest applicable temperature is not over 445 degrees Fahrenheit or 229 degrees Celsius. If you bake using a lower temperature than that, the Corningware is safe inside the oven.

When the temperature is higher than the highest limit, the Corningware glass lids become brittle and break for a slight touch. In such a condition, cracking is too hard to avoid. Heat builds up quickly inside an oven for a high-temperature setup, and you need to monitor constantly for a safe baking process. Otherwise, the colder surface of the oven can create pressure on the lids to crack quickly, causing burns.

Can A Pyrex Glass Lid Go In The Oven?

In the case of a regular Pyrex glass lid, you cannot put it inside any oven, whether it is conventional or convection. Standard Pyrex glasses are not oven-safe and don’t come with a structure for oven use. If you put a Pyrex glass lid in convection or electric ovens, it can melt at a high temperature. As a result, the inside part of the oven will be messed up, and the baking process will damage the whole glass lid.

Sometimes, the Pyrex glass lids can come with a special build material like Ultimate Storage Silicone. These unique Pyrex glass lids are designed for oven use and can withstand a lot higher temperatures than the regular ones. 

To identify whether your Pyrex glass lids are made for oven use or not, you need to look at the package or the box. Usually, the usage is noted on the side of the package. If you see anything mentioned as ‘oven-safe’ or ‘safe for oven use’ on the box, using that glassware below 450 degrees Fahrenheit won’t cause any problem.

What Is The Guideline For Handling Glass Lids In The Oven?

Please take your time handling the glass lids in the oven according to the instructions. Any mismanagement here can cause a serious loss. When cooking a meal at a high temperature, continuous monitoring of the cooking process is a must. 

In general, glass-ceramic lids pose two major risks when cooking. 

Firstly, glass-ceramic products break with a hard hit because of the forced impact. Careful observation of not hitting the lids with the oven door or other cookware can reduce this risk.

Secondly, baking food in glass lids has a chance to create flame for a higher temperature in the oven. In that case, you shouldn’t leave your oven running. Check the oven repeatedly to make sure the food doesn’t get burned. When using an electric oven for baking food, the risk is higher for accidental damage. So, set the cooking temperature carefully to dodge food burning in this type of oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Glass Corningware Lid Oven Safe?

In most cases, Corningware glass lids come with oven-safe functionality. However, that doesn’t mean that the lids can take any temperature. Despite being oven-safe, you must ensure that the temperature is below 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to cook at a higher temperature than that, you should avoid using Corningware glass lids in the oven, even if they are oven-safe. 

Besides, you need to check the manual or package before putting them into an oven to confirm the lids are mentioned as oven-safe.

Can Glass And Metal Lids Go In the Oven?

When putting the glass and metal lids individually, you shouldn’t have any issue with that. Usually, you need to maintain the standard temperature for a specific glass lid. Oven-safe glass lids can take up to 230 degrees Celsius of temperature, whereas normal glasses can’t take even 150 degrees Celsius. 

So, always ensure you are putting the right glass lids in the oven. On the other hand, metal lids can directly go in the oven in any condition because of their high-temperature adaptation. When talking about placing both lids at once, you need to monitor the temperature carefully. Besides, place the glass and metal lids separately so that the high heated metal cannot affect the glasses.


By now, you are aware of the dangers associated with placing Corningware glass lids in an oven. Oven-safe Corningware glass lids can directly go in the oven when they are at normal temperature. Here, the temperature should be within the limit, as mentioned in your cookware package or manual. 

Remember not to put the Corningware in the oven directly from the freezer. Also, check the Corningware lids delicately to avoid placing slightly cracked glasses inside the range for a safe baking process.

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