How to Use Quick Bake on Frigidaire Oven? Does it Reduce the Baking Time?

On Frigidaire ovens, the “Quick Bake” function means the Convection Mode. Usually, the heating element provides all the heat in a regular oven. An inside fan directs the heat from the back into the cooking area through Quick Bake and this forces a hot breeze to surround the food, which causes it to crisp, brown, and cooks faster.

How to Use Quick Bake on Frigidaire Oven

Quick Bake automatically turns on a fan and sets the desired temperature. Heat is more evenly distributed in a Quick Bake oven for more even baking results and stacking of pans rather than staggered baking, which is not possible with larger baking dishes. With this convection system, cooking time can be reduced.

What Is the Quick Bake Setting on a Frigidaire Oven?

On a Frigidaire oven with a Quick bake setting, use the up and down arrow buttons to set the baking time and start the timer. By pressing the “Bake” button and following the arrow buttons, you can adjust the baking temperature. Use the “Speed Bake” button to begin baking quickly. The Speed Bake feature can be stopped by clicking the “Clear/Off” button. 

In a Frigidaire oven, you can calibrate the temperature by using a temperature that is higher or lower than the recommended temperature. Using the results, determine what adjustment needs to be made. Set the Frigidaire oven temperature higher. Then press “Bake” for six seconds. Lower the temperature of the Frigidaire oven. Test a recipe. You can test a recipe.

You should position your racks according to your model’s user manual if you are using Speed Bake with food on two racks at once. Not counting the roasting shelf in some models, most models come with four or five rack positions. It is suggested to place racks on the second from the top and on the bottom, wall mounts to achieve the best results.

As a general rule, Frigidaire recommends setting the oven timer for 30 percent less time than recommended by your recipe. As soon as the timer goes off, test your food to see if it is done. If it isn’t, continue to cook it.

If you are trying any recipe for the first time, watch your food closely and make notes for future use. There are specific time reduction recommendations for a wide range of foods in Frigidaire’s manual for its ES200/300 electric range models. For meats, this amount can be 15 percent or five minutes per lb., and for frozen foods, it can be 20 percent.

How to Use Quick Bake on Frigidaire Oven?

For the home, Frigidaire has designed several types of ovens. There is a Speed Bake setting on these ovens that circulates the hot air within the oven to cook food more quickly. Certain types of food can also be browned using the Quick Bake setting. When you need to make your meal in a hurry, use the Quick Bake setting.

Step 1:

Use the up and down arrow keys to set the cooking time. If you select the Quick Bake option, the recipe will cook approximately 30% faster than when using the standard oven operation.

Step 2:

You can change the baking temperature by pressing either the up or down arrow button on the “Bake” button.

Step 3:

Press the “Quick Bake” button to launch the feature. Upon turning on the oven fan and seeing the Speed Bake light, the oven will go into bake mode. Open the oven door, and you’ll find that the fan goes off. The fan will resume when the door is closed. And use the Clear/Off button to turn off quick Bake.

What Is the Quick Bake Setting on My Oven?

If you wish to use the “Convection Convert” feature, press the “Convict” button and enter the recipe temperature. The converted temperature will appear on the screen. The temperature can be automatically adjusted by pressing the convection conversion button. After 25 degrees below the original temperature, the screen will change to a cool temperature.

How Do I Use My Frigidaire Oven for Baking?

The first step in using an oven is to determine what kind of oven you own. The second step is to adjust your oven racks for broiling, baking, or roasting. The third step is to preheat the oven to the right temperature. The fourth step is to monitor your food’s cooking in the oven. Finally, keep the food warm in the oven until you are ready to eat.
The “Bake” button is typically pressed to begin baking. For entering the desired oven temperature, use either the up/down arrow keys or the keypad.

In most ovens, a beep will sound when the temperature is reached (some will display PREHEAT after the temperature is reached) and that is basically it unless you have a thermometer in there to check.

Preheating an oven depends on the temperature you want it to reach. To put it simply, an electric oven takes 10-15 minutes to preheat versus an average gas oven which takes 7-10 minutes. Various factors influence oven times, but these are the averages for most home ovens.

Prepare the oven about 75 degrees higher than the temperature at which you want to cook. You should put the food into the oven and then lower the thermostat to the “original” temperature once the oven reaches that temperature. In order to cook at 375 degrees, you need to preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

To cook with convection, you should press the “Convection” button on the control panel.” Convict” and “Bake” will blink, and the temperature will be shown as “350”. By pressing the corresponding numbers on the number pad, adjust the temperature according to the recipe, then press the “Start” button.


Quick Bake uses a fan at the back of the oven to circulate heated air evenly throughout the oven, distributing heat evenly. As a result, the manufacturer claims that bake times could be reduced by as much as 30%.

There’s a complex system within traditional convection ovens that controls the temperature and controls the fan. Fridge-Fridge’s Quick Bake ovens have an easy-to-operate fan switch that allows you to turn it on and off at will. When the fan is on, the temperature of the oven does not drop.

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