Can Le Creuset Go From Fridge To Oven? What Is The Preferred Heat To Cook With Them?

Suppose you’ve bought a Le Creuset Dutch oven recently. Since you haven’t used it yet, you don’t know much about its capabilities. Typically, you may think it’s great for cooking soup, but if you want to make some lovely bread or dough for pizza, can Le Creuset go from fridge to oven? The answer is complicated, and the results are inconsistent.

Usually, you shouldn’t put a cold dish directly onto a hot burner or into a hot oven because it can cause cracking or ‘thermal shock.’ However, does it work in the same way for Le Creuset cookware? Throughout this article, you’ll find an answer to this question.

Can Le Creuset Go From fridge To Oven

Can Le Creuset Go From The Fridge To Oven?

The short answer: yes, you can put Le Creuset in the oven directly from the fridge. But you need to keep some factors in mind before doing that. Identically, Le Creuset is a French cookware company that produces high-end stoneware, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel cookware. 

If you put an empty Le Creuset pot in a cold oven and then turn the heat to 450, it will crack. But if you preheat it gradually, adding 10 degrees every 5 minutes, then the glass and the metal will expand at approximately the same rate.

Because of having solid build material, Le Creuset stoneware dishes, mugs, and ramekins are all safe for freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher use. While Le Creuset bakeware is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius, Le Creuset Stoneware should not be placed on a burner or under the broiler to unbearable heat. 

Though the Le Creuset enamel cast iron is strong enough to go directly from the fridge or freezer into the oven, it may not be able to absorb the direct heat from the burner.

Placing any Le Creuset product directly from the refrigerator into an oven has become utterly safe due to the stoneware build material. Not to mention, the stoneware features a double wall that insulates the piece to maintain steady temperatures for slow cooking or even keeping foods hot after cooking. Still, you have a risk of sharp fluctuations in temperature, which can cause any cracking. 

If you suddenly place extremely cold stoneware in a hot oven, it will crack despite being oven-safe. However, it should be fine if you heat it up gently by slowly increasing the oven temperature.

How To Move Le Creuset To Refrigerator?

The best way to move your Le Creuset Dutch oven into the refrigerator is to put it on a cookie sheet first. This helps keep things from dripping onto the compartment surface of your refrigerator. Move the dish slowly and carefully so that nothing spills. 

First, before you move your Le Creuset cookware to the refrigerator, make sure that it is cool. Otherwise, placing extremely hot Le Creuset can crack the cookware. 

Second, if you are storing it for only a short period, like only a day, you can place a paper towel or two at the bottom of the Le Creuset oven. Now, place in the food item and then cover with another paper towel or two.

If you are storing the Le Creuset for a more extended period, you should wrap the food in plastic wrap and aluminum foil before placing it into the oven. To store it longer still, you should take all precautions to keep out the air by covering tightly with plastic wrap and foil, as well as placing a paper towel or two on the bottom and top. Then store the whole package in the refrigerator. 

Remember, moving a warm cast iron pan into the refrigerator can cause the glass on the door to shatter, so allow your Dutch Le Creuset oven to cool down inside the package before transferring it. Additionally, ensure that you clean your cast iron pan prior to refrigeration, and we don’t recommend leaving food in your Le Creuset bakeware for longer than two days.

What Is The Preferred Heat To Cook With Le Creuset?

The preferred temperature for cooking with Le Creuset is 250 degrees F. Using Le Creuset cookware is a great way to cook a lot of food at once, but we suggest using this oven when you are planning on making something that is going to cook for a long time. 

For example, if you are going to make a complex food in it, you can put the beans and meat on the bottom and then some noodles on top. By doing this, when you have already cooked your meat, all you have to do is to wait for the noodles to cook!

Since you can use your Le Creuset dishes when you are trying to warm up some chicken wings or hot dogs, you can make them crispy on the stove first and then just add some sauce or whatever else you would like for further cooking. 

Another great thing about this pot is that it can be used for almost anything from soup to chili. Besides, it’s easy enough to move around if need be. Here, the question was: “What Is the Preferred Heat to Cook with Le Creuset?” The answer is “All” when you are within the maximum limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Marinate Food In Le Creuset?

Yes, you can. To marinate food in a Le Creuset cookware, let the food sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours before cooking. This will allow the flavor of the marinade to penetrate the meat. If you don’t have time for this step, feel free to cook it straight after mixing. 

However, do not leave the meat out on the counter or at room temperature for any length of time before cooking it. 

Add all of your ingredients to a large Le Creuset bowl and stir or whisk until well combined. Then, put fresh beef, chicken, lamb, or fish into it and pour the marinade inside. Mix the food to distribute the marinade evenly. Finally, place the Le Creuset dish in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, and your marination process is done.

Can I Store Raw Food In My Le Creuset?

Of course, it is possible to store raw food in any Le Creuset cookware. The only thing you need to consider is the temperature of that raw food. If the raw food is icy from the freezer, you should avoid putting the food in the Le Creuset oven right away. Once the food is near room temperature, you can place the food in your Le Creuset Dutch oven. Now, you can store the food for the future.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, Le Creuset is safe to put directly from the fridge in an oven if the dish is at the right temperature. Though the stoneware material of Le Creuset is hard enough to hold the high temperature of the oven, the freezing temperature of the cookware can cause cracking of the pot. 

So, we suggest placing Le Creuset in the oven after balancing the bakeware temperature. After ensuring these precautions, it is entirely safe to move this cookware from the fridge or freezer to the oven.

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