Can Pampered Chef Cooling Racks Go in the Oven?

In a word, yes pampered chef cooling racks can go in the oven. That said, not all the racks are able to go into the oven. You have to check them on their packaging or on their website to see if you can use them in the oven or not.

Can Pampered Chef Cooling Racks Go in the Oven

Can You Use a Pampered Chef Cooling Rack in the Oven?

According to their website, the Pampered Chef cooling rack can be used in the oven. Cooling racks are usually used to cool down the items after baking. But in recent days, cooling racks that are oven safe are becoming popular.

By using a cooling rack that is also possible to use inside an oven, you don’t need to transfer the baked items from one to another. This is a timesaver especially when you are baking a lot of stuff.

When you are using a cooling rack to bake stuff, make sure you use a sheet pan under the rack. This will help in catching any crumbs falling through the hole of the racks. As a result, cleaning the oven after baking will be a lot easier.

Are Cooling Racks Oven Safe?

The short answer to “Are cooling racks oven safe?” is yes and no at the same time. It depends on which cooling rack we are talking about.

Cooling racks are ovens safe but not all of them. Some cooling racks can go into the oven and they will be fine. But some others are not necessarily made for the oven. So getting them inside the oven will ruin the food and the rack both.

Know Which One Is Oven Safe

In order to know which cooling rack oven is safe, you have to check the packaging that it comes with. Usually, oven-safe cooling racks indicate on their box that they are able to go into the oven.

But if you cannot find any indication on the box, try checking on the internet. You can go to their website to check if they are oven safe or not. If you still cannot find it try to ask around for people who have the same cooling rack.

General Oven Safe Cooling Racks

Generally, if your cooling rack doesn’t have any plastic on it, such as plastic feet, then they will be okay inside the oven. Since cooling racks are made of mostly metal, they can take a lot of temperatures. But if it has any plastic on it, chances are the plastic will melt.

Another thing you need to look out for is the nonstick coating. Many cooling racks come with a nonstick coating. That is because, after you place the baked items on your cooling rack, sometimes they stick to it. This makes taking out the item and later cleaning the cooling rack hard.

So, having a nonstick coating is pretty good for normal use. But these coatings cannot take much heat. For cooling it is alright. But if you put the coated rack inside the oven, the coating will get soft and stick to the food running the food and the rack.

Is Oven Safe Cooling Rack Necessary?

It depends on what you are trying to do. If you just want to cool the freshly baked items with the cooling rack then there is no need for it to be oven safe.

However, cooling racks are pretty good at grilling meat and veggies. So, you can just keep it inside the fridge with the prepared meat. Then just take out the rack with the meat and put it in the oven to grill it.

The same goes for vegetables. The racks are really good at capturing airflow all around the items. So veggies get a nice brown look when they are roasted on a cooling rack. So, if you want to roast all kinds of stuff on your rack then it is worth getting the oven-safe cooling rack.

But keep in mind, no matter what you are grilling, use a sheet pan under the rack to catch any crumbs or dripping liquid from it. Otherwise cleaning the oven is going to be a very hard task to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a Cooling Rack Melt in Oven?

Ans: The cooling rack itself will not melt in the oven. But if the cooling rack has a nonstick coating on it, then the coating will melt inside the oven.

2. Can I Cook a Pizza on a Cooling Rack?

Ans: If it is a frozen pizza or a pizza with a pre-made crust then it is possible to cook it on the cooling rack. However, you cannot cook a pizza on the cooling rack if it doesn’t have a solid crust since the dough will fall through the gap of the cooling rack.

3. Can a Wire Rack Go in the Oven?

Ans: If it is an oven-safe wire rack then yes it can go into the oven. 


Cooling racks have a wide variety of usage. So it depends on the rack whether it can go into the oven or not. The best way to decide if it is an oven or not is to search on their site and find out what the company says about their product.

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