Gaffers and Sattler Electric Wall Oven | Everything You Need to Know

Gaffers & Sattler were a brand of appliances popular in the 1950s and 1960s. This company made these ovens, which featured some futuristic designs that were very eye-catching. A variety of decorative products were offered by the company, including fluorescently lit backsplashes, trapezoidal oven windows, and automatic models with hidden burners.

Most of these ovens were chromed heavily. Currently, Magic Chef owns the company, and it is no longer associated with any appliances. Its heyday was decades ago, but today it is owned by Magic Chef.

Gaffers and Sattler Electric Wall Oven

Electric Wall Oven Manufactured by Gaffers and Sattler

There are still thousands of these ovens in use, despite the fact that this brand is no longer manufactured! It doesn’t mean that this product should be thrown away even though it is no longer produced! The user manual for the appliance describes the product’s functions, so we recommend reading it before using it. It is important that you read the safety instructions carefully when using a cooking appliance to avoid misusing and harming it. There are always risks involved when you use a cooking appliance.

Installation, Cleaning, and Servicing

Installing and servicing this appliance can only be performed by authorized personnel (the Certificate of Compliance must be retained). Before using the appliance, ensure that all packaging materials have been removed. Following the installation instructions is essential in order to avoid potential hazards. Ascertain that all specified openings, vents, and airspaces are unobstructed. The cabinet material must be able to withstand 70°C if the appliance is built into a cabinet.

When cleaning or replacing parts, always turn off the appliance before doing so. Do not use steam cleaners since moisture may build up as a result. Whenever you spill food on an appliance, clean it immediately. An authorized service person should inspect the product every five years to ensure that it is operating safely.

Understanding Your Oven Functions

⦿Fan Bake Function: You can place your food in different parts of the oven and still cook them simultaneously using this fan, which circulates warm air around the oven cavity. With Fan Bake, you can cook multiple shelves simultaneously, reheat cooked foods, bake pastries and make complete meals in the oven. You will be able to cook at a lower temperature and it will work faster than traditional baking.

⦿The Bake Function: It is below the floor of the oven and is a clean heat element. A thermostat controls both elements, so they will be on and off at the same time to keep the temperature set. The “Bake” function can be used for biscuits, scones, muffins, cakes, slices, casseroles, baked puddings, roasts, or delicate egg dishes.

⦿The Grill Function: A powerful upper element in the grill directs radiant heat to the food. Grilling is ideal for meat cuts, steaks, chops, sausages, fish, toasties, and other quick-cook foods. Do not open the oven door while grilling. Get the best results by preheating the grill for three minutes. Sealing in the juices will enhance the flavor of steaks, chops, etc. Two spaces are available within each pair of support rails for slid-in grill dishes. 

⦿Fan Grill Function:  A “fan grill” gives you the opportunity to bake as well as grill in traditional functions. Using the fan, heated air is circulated while the grill element maintains the set temperature. This is accomplished without opening the oven door. If you are grilling large cuts of meat, you can use a “Fan grill.” The results will be similar to what you would get from a “rotisserie.” Make sure your food is placed at the bottom of the second-lowest shelf. If you spill anything, place the grill dish on the bottom shelf.

During the cooking process, you do not need to turn the food over when using a “Fan grill”. The temperature should be 180 degrees.

⦿Defrost Function: A fan circulates low-temperature air through the “Defrost” function. You can cook your food after it has been defrosted. In addition to raising yeast dough, defrosting can be used to dry fruit and vegetables.

How to Select the Oven’s Temperature

Your appliance’s temperature is controlled by a thermostat. You can define the range of temperature. By turning the temperature selector in a clockwise direction, you can select a desired setting for the temperature. If you press the temperature selector, an indicator light will appear above it. An indicator light is displayed when the temperature has been reached, and the heating source automatically shuts off.

Once the oven temperature drops below the desired setting, the heating source is activated, and the indicator light returns. You should now reverse the temperature selector anticlockwise, once you have finished cooking the food. In order to prevent damage to the thermostat, do not turn it right around clockwise.

Here Are Some Guidelines for Cooking:

The food being cooked should be placed on the correct shelf. Before turning on the oven, check that the dishes will fit. At least 40mm should be kept from the side of the baking dishes. That way, the heat is allowed to circulate evenly. Never open the oven door more than it needs to be. You should not bake foods that contain a lot of liquid with other foods in the oven. It will cause the food not to brown because it will steam.

While roasting, do not use a large amount of cooking oil. By doing so, you will prevent oil from splattering on the oven sides and on the oven door. Polyunsaturated fats are very difficult to remove after they have left a varnish-like residue. Cakes and sponges require aluminum utensils that are bright and non-stick.

Who Bought Gaffers and Sattler?

George A. Sattler, John H. Sattler, and William C. Gaffers founded Gaffers and Sattler, Inc. in Los Angeles in 1925. In 1946, Utility Appliance Corporation acquired Occidental Stove and Gaffers & Sattler. This was followed in 1961 by Republic Corporation’s acquisition.

Approximately $20 million was paid by Republic to Magic Chef for Gaffers and Sattler in 1968. In the early 1970s, Businessweek called Magic Chef’s business “money-losing,” and by 1978, one-quarter of its total sales were generated by Gaffers and Sattler. An estimated 350 Teamsters union members making electric ranges and gas ranges went on strike for a month in 1997, leading to a 35-month contract. Around 900 people worked at a large plant in Industry, California, by the late 1970s for Gaffers and Sattler.


To Prevent Electrocution and Fire

⦿Using the appliance without supervision is not recommended for children. The appliance should not be allowed to be played with by young children. A person responsible for the user’s safety should supervise or instruct anyone who intends to use the device, including children, with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or who lack experience and knowledge.

⦿This appliance becomes hot when it is in use. During use, users should avoid touching hot surfaces. Make sure you wear oven gloves. To prevent burns and scalds, children should stay away from this area.

⦿Space heaters should not be used with this appliance. While this appliance is operating, do not spray aerosols near it. The appliance should never be stored near flammable materials. You should ensure that there are no obstructed vents, openings, or airspaces in order to prevent a fire.

The Oven: Important Warnings

⦿Heat is generated by the appliance during use. Keep your hands away from hot surfaces. Be sure that the oven shelves and fittings are always installed properly in the appliance to avoid an accident.

⦿The door should never be used as a shelf. The oven door should never be pushed down. Appliances should not be installed behind decorative doors in order to avoid overheating.

 ⦿It is important to supervise the cooking process. Continuous supervision is essential during short-term cooking. To replace the oven light globe, make sure the appliance is off prior to removing the glass from the light.

Your appliance should always be clean. You need to prevent fats and oils from accumulating around burners, elements, and fans. Make sure the oven dish, bake trays, and grill dish inserts are thoroughly clean to prevent fires from occurring. When roasting meats in the oven, make sure to wrap them in foil or an oven-roasting bag. Any polyunsaturated fat can leave an extremely difficult-to-remove varnish-like residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wall Ovens a Standard Size?

The standard size of a wall oven is about 24 inches wide, 27 inches high, and 27 to 29 inches deep. In order to fit standard cabinet measurements, wall ovens typically have a depth of 22–24 inches.

What Do You Call an Oven That’s in the Wall?

The single wall oven functions as a standard range, featuring a single cooking area, which can be utilized for baking, roasting, or broiling your favorite dishes. In spite of its name, a wall oven can be situated anywhere in the house. They can be built into cabinets or installed beneath a cooktop.


Because of its old age and many years of reliable service, it may be necessary to get your Gaffers and Sattler oven repaired Many technicians are trained to repair and maintain Gaffers and Sattler appliances, which are no longer manufactured. Please check the following points of the instruction manual before calling for service if you are experiencing problems with your oven and/or grill. If you fix the problem yourself, you can avoid a call and continue cooking instead.

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