Can You Put 5 Ovens In One Kitchen? Proper Explanation for You

When everything starts rushing, especially in the kitchen, don’t you wonder if it is so much easier to have 5 ovens rather than just one or 2? It would cut down a lot of waiting time. And we feel you.

Modern kitchens are not limited to only cooking and eating, it is rather the cooking hub like any other commercial kitchen sometimes. A lot of us like home baking and selling them online, like an entrepreneur. 

So can you put 5 ovens in one kitchen? The answer is yes! You can. with a few considerations to keep in mind, you can put 5 ovens in your kitchen with ease. And you will have more cookers working for you. 

We are going to talk all about that today. 

Can you put 5 ovens in one kitchen

How You Can Put 5 Ovens In One Kitchen

While this might seem a bit impossible, if you have enough space and ventilation, you can put 5 ovens in one kitchen with ease. And also with a little help from technology and ideas. So here are the 5 ways you can do it.

1. Double Oven Setup

A double oven is a combination of 2 ovens, in one single unit. These are mostly stacked upon one another and considered one oven. But if you put 2 of these and one single oven in your kitchen, you have 5 ovens working for you. So no more worries about waiting for the roast to be done and then baking the cookies. 

2. Wall Ovens

Wall ovens have been in the industry for one reason, space efficiency. They slide directly into the wall and stay there. Though people opt for only 2 of them, you can go for 5 if you have space. And worry less about the turkey taking a whole 8 hours to cook. 

3. Range Ovens

Range oven comes not only in double capacity but also in triple oven setup. Putting 2 of them means you have more than 5! What more can you ask for?

4. Built-in Ovens

While wall ovens can go into the wall, you don’t have much space in other places to install them, right? Well, that’s where you are wrong. Built-in ovens can fit anywhere, even under your countertop. And the number? We leave it to your imagination and preference. 

5. Countertop Ovens

And if the space is tight to the brim in your kitchen, countertop ovens can help you out. They are easy to move around and can be shifted to any place in your oven. When you are done, put them in the storage again. 

What To Keep In Mind While Putting 5 Ovens In One Kitchen?

While you can put 5 ovens in a kitchen with a lot of options and ways, here are the things you should consider and keep in mind when you are doing so. 

1. Space Is Crucial,

If you don’t have enough space, you will not only suffocate yourself with 5 ovens, but also the ovens. And they will not perform correctly. So keep that in mind. 

2. Ventilation Is The 2nd  Most Important Thing

As you have placed 5 ovens in one space, make sure you have the same type of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you are creating a ticking time bomb out of your kitchen. 

3. Electrical And Fuel Consumption

As most ovens are now electric or have electrical parts, they need a lot of it. So you might need to go for a better gauge wiring. Also, the fuel consumption should be taken into consideration as commercial lines might be needed if you are going to use all ovens on a regular basis. 

4. Safety Measures

Make sure you keep enough fire extinguishers and take child safety precautions. As all these ovens are hard to handle, better be prepared if something happens. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How many ovens should a kitchen have?

It depends on what you like to cook and how much space you have. Most kitchens have one oven, but some folks prefer having two for baking or cooking at different temperatures at the same time. It’s all about what works best for you and your cooking needs. You can go for 3, or even 6 if you have space. 

What does a 5-in-1 oven do?

A 5-in-1 oven is like a kitchen superhero. It usually combines five cooking methods in one appliance. You can bake, roast, grill, toast, and even air fry using just this one oven. It’s a handy tool that saves space and makes cooking different dishes easier.

Why do people have multiple ovens?

People get multiple ovens because it helps them cook more efficiently. Imagine baking cookies in one while roasting a chicken in the other. It’s all about convenience, especially when you’re cooking for a bunch of hungry folks or making a big holiday meal. 


The main thing to consider when you are placing 5 ovens in one kitchen is your kitchen size and layout. Ventilation is also a crucial part as there will be a lot of heat and smoke to deal with. Fuel and power consumption should be taken into consideration as well. So if everything checks out, go crazy with your 5 oven setup. There is no one stopping you. 

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