Why My Oven Light Flashing on and off [Solved]

Imagine a beautiful afternoon, when you want to make some dishes in your oven. Your cooking preparation is done and you put the food in the oven as usual. But suddenly you notice that the oven light is flashing on and off. What will be your expression then? You will definitely be nervous thinking about what is happening with your oven! 

Oven Light Flashing on and off

Relax! It is one of the common problems that can be faced by an oven user. Here I am to help you and provide you with some remedy for this problem so that you can find out the specific reason behind the problem and immediately fix it. So, please keep reading this article.

Why Does My Oven Light Flash on and off? The Causes Behind Your Oven Light Flashes on and off

If your oven light starts to flash on and off randomly then there can be many different reasons behind this issue. At first, you have to figure out the specific reason and then have to fix the problem. Now, I am going to inform you about some of the main reasons that can be the cause behind the flashing on and off the issue of your oven. Along with this, I will serve the solution too. 

Due to The Door Hinges

The problem of flashing the oven light randomly can be caused by door hinges. When you do not perfectly close the oven door then it proves that the door hinges are defective. It is general that when you cannot close the oven door then the oven light can flash. So, it can be a barrier and you have to solve the problem quickly to use the oven again. 

Door Gasket

When you cannot close the oven door perfectly then it can be a reason for a faulty door gasket. Sometimes the oven door gasket needs to be replaced. If you replace the gasket and close the oven door properly, the oven light will stop flashing on and off. So be careful about your oven door gasket and replace it when it needs.

Door Switch

When you can see your oven light flashing on and off even after properly closing the door, then it can be the issue with the door switch. Sometimes the door switch of your oven may be defective. Do not be worried about this because here are some solutions to these issues. 

The Solutions of the Causes Which Are Behind the Oven Light Flashing

If there is a problem with the oven door hinges, then you have to follow these steps thoroughly.

  1. At first, you have to turn your oven off and then unplug the oven from the outlet. After that please open your oven door and then use a flat blade screwdriver to flip the locks forward on the door hinges. Now close the oven door.
  2. In the second step, you have to lift off the oven door and then set it on a stiff towel-lined surface. After that, please take the two Philips head screws out at the top of this door. Then again, take the other three Philips head screws out. 
  3. In the third step, you have to lift off the inner oven door assembly. Now take the screws out on each of the sides of the inner oven door assembly. Actually, the inner door assembly makes the door hinges secure. 
  4. In the fourth step, remove the previous oven door hinges and grab the new ones. Set the door hinges on the inner oven door assembly. With the help of screws hold the hinges in place. The next task is to lift the inner oven door assembly and set it on the outer one. 
  5. In the fifth step, at the bottom, return the screws, and at the top, return the other two screws nicely. Then please lift your oven door. After lifting the oven door, to the side, you have to insert the hinges properly into the slots.

The other probable reason for the oven light flashing on and off is the defective door gasket. So, let us see the steps on how to fix a door gasket.

  1. At first, turn off your oven. Then open the oven door and pull the entire door gasket out from the bottom of your oven. 
  2. In the second step, you have to release the gasket by pulling all the metal clips out on the sides of your oven. You can use pliers if any clip gets stuck in your oven.
  3. In the third step, grab your new door gasket. Then push the clips into the holes in your oven. After that, push the ends of the gasket into the bottom of your oven. 

Here is the solution when your oven door switch is defective and it gives your oven light flashing on and off.

  1. Firstly, you have to switch off the circuit breaker of your oven. You also can unplug the power cord from the outlet. Then please pull away your oven to access the back from the wall. After this, it is time to use a Philips head screwdriver to take the screws out around the back of your oven. 
  2. Secondly, you have to lift off your oven panel and position it aside. On the right side of the oven door latch assembly, you can get the door switch. So, please disconnect the wire harness that is connected to the oven door switch. 
  3. Now, remove the screws that hold the oven door switch to the oven door latch assembly. You can check continuity by using a multimeter of the door switch. If you do not notice any continuity then it is time to change the door switch. 
  4. After getting a new oven door switch, please set the switch on the door latch assembly. After that use the screws to hold the oven door switch in its place. Then to the door switch please reconnect the wire harness. 
  5. Now, you have to reset the oven’s back panel. You can use screws to hold the panel in its place. After that, plug in the power cord back or switch on the circuit breaker of the oven. It is time to return your oven to its position. 

With these steps, you will be able to fix the issues related to the light of your oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Electric Stove Blinking?

When you can see that your electric stove is blinking then you can power reset or surge the stove. Because, if your electric stove flashes red lights from the oven’s control panel area then it indicates power flow is interrupted. This symptom arises when the electricity or power surge gets shut off. After noticing your electric stove blinking do not delay resetting it.

Why Is My Stove Clock Blinking?

Sometimes, the clock on your stove can blink. If your stove clock is blinking continuously, then it can be due to a power cut. On the other hand, if the clock did not set properly then a problem can arise. So, when your stove clock blinks continuously then please check if the clock is perfectly set or not. Again, you have to check if the power of the oven is working properly or not. 

Why Is My Induction Cooktop Blinking?

You can face trouble when the induction cooktop starts blinking when using the surface burner or when the burner is off. Do not panic! You can fix the problem by resetting the unit at the electrical source of supply for ten seconds. After that, you have to try to use the burners again. Then use the perfect pan size in the induction cooktop. 


By detecting the actual cause behind the problem of the blinking oven light you can easily fix it. There are very few times when you need to call a technician or expert, but in the maximum time, if you want, you can fix this problem yourself. 

When the oven light flashes on and off then it is related to the door of that oven. If you do not close the oven door properly, then the oven does not send a signal to the oven door switch to turn off or on the light. So be careful to maintain the oven door.

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