[Explored] Can You Make Coffee In A Toaster Oven?

Caffeine! The life elixir! Without a cup of it, everything seems dark, gloomy, and intolerable in the morning. Yep! Coffee has that magic effect on a lot of us.

But a good cup of coffee is hard to make. No matter how good beans or grounds you get, without proper equipment, temperature of the water, and brewing, it’s just a bitter mess. This is why there are coffee experts and enthusiasts.

That doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond to brew a cup. Your microwave or oven can do it too. But can you make coffee in a toaster oven? You already made toast, why not the coffee? 

Well, you actually can’t. Toaster ovens can only toast. Do not boil, brew, or work with anything that has moisture in them. And if you do so, you risk damaging the toaster. Let’s talk all about it today and some alternative routes. 

can you make coffee in a toaster oven

Reasons Why You Can’t Make Coffee In A Toaster Oven

Remember when we said things out loud so that we could get the message or word right in our head? To understand what it means? It’s the same thing here. TOASTER OVEN is made to toast. Not cook, not boil water, not make coffee or anything else. 

Sure you can warm up food here and there, but that doesn’t mean it can work with brewing a whole coffee. Why you ask? Here are the reasons.

1. Liquid Is A No No For Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens have an exposed element. And the heat is uneven. Also, they don’t come with a layer coating like an oven, to deal with splatters, grease, fumes, and moisture. A cup of coffee obviously requires water, milk, and creamer. So all of these are liquid, which is never suggested to be in a toaster oven. So no to that. 

2. Will Damage Your Element

As we said earlier, toaster ovens have their element exposed. Take it as an open flame burner. What will happen if you pour liquid onto it? Same thing for the toaster, but worse. It will indefinitely damage it. If that doesn’t do harm, the moisture from the coffee creamer, and milk will do the trick. So if you love your morning bagel or toast, leave the toaster to do its thing. 

3. Damage To The Entire Toaster

There is no heat-dissipating coating or splatterproof coating inside a toaster. So it is a hell of a struggle to clean it. The moisture from the water along with the coffee extract will stick to the toaster’s body and won’t come off easily. Which will in time, cause rust and decay. 

4. Risk Of Electrical Malfunction and Damage

Moisture has another friendly enemy. The electrical components. If the body damage isn’t enough, the electrical damage will do it for the toaster. An overkill we have to say. So best you don’t put any liquid stuff in the toast, at all!

So What Can You Do To Make Coffee Instead?

Hard times teach us a lot of lessons. You always have your stove to heat up some water and then make your coffee. You can also take the help of a coffee press to brew the grounds if you fancy it. Which really doesn’t cost much and goes on for years. Here are other options that you can go for. 

  • A coffee maker.
  • French press.
  • Pour over the device.
  • Espresso machine. 

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can you roast coffee in a toaster oven?

No. As there is no convection facility in a toaster oven, you cannot roast coffee in them. If you have an air fryer or convection toaster, you can try it out, but it won’t be evenly toasted. The best thing to do is to roast the beans in a proper oven. 

Can you put a coffee mug in a toaster oven?

No. You should not put a coffee mug or any utensil in a toaster oven. As they have an exposed heating element, it will damage the mug or the toaster itself. 

Why is a toaster oven not recommended?

A toaster oven is not recommended for only one reason, fire hazard. Leaving them unattended will cause a fire. Even if there is no food in them, the crumbs and debris will act as an igniter as the elements of a toaster oven are exposed. 


We have a tendency to multitask. And make use of what we have on hand to go by. Like warming up water in the microwave and such. But for a toaster oven, these are a no-no. It’s like the DIY cooking steak in the toaster! Which doesn’t come out well, and also damages the device. So make sure you invest in something better for only your coffee, and you will thank yourself for it.

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