[Answered] Do Samsung Ovens Turn Off Automatically?

Samsung, it needs no Introduction. The most renowned electronic brand that has been in the scene forever 54 years and still going on strong. And if that doesn’t ring any bells, they are the ones who make iPhones look bad. 

Jokes aside, Samsung also manufactures high-end home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and ovens. And surely enough, they make sure to tweak their latest tech in all of them. 

One question that might pop up in your head if you’re an oven owner of the brand is, do Samsung ovens turn off automatically? No there’s nothing paranormal about your oven, and yes the ovens can turn off automatically, thanks to their modern tech. 

But there are a few reasons behind the automatic turn-offs, and we are going to talk about them. 

do samsung ovens turn off automatically

Reasons Why Samsung Ovens Turn Off Automatically | Safety And Timers

As we have mentioned earlier, Samsung keeps on including new techs in their home appliances. This is to make life, especially cooking, more convenient. 

There are two definite reasons and features in your Samsung oven that let it turn off automatically. These are, 

  • Food cooking sensor. 
  • An integrated timer. 

1. Food Cooking Sensor Automatic Oven Shut Off

We’ve all burnt a roast or two or even overcooked those soft center cookies. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the oven turned off when they were done just by sensing it? Yep! Samsung has a food cook sensor that detects if the desired food is ready. 

If this feature is turned on, the oven will turn off or shut down right after it senses the food is ready. You can also turn it off from the settings. The oven manual will come in handy with the steps. 

2. An Integrated Timer

Most ovens come with an integrated food timer. It can be digital or even mechanical. And Samsung ovens have it too. If it is turned on, it will turn off the oven after the timer runs out. Just like your mobile timer! 

3. Other Reasons For Your Samsung Oven To Turn Off Automatically 

There is a child safety lock that shuts down the oven or even lets it start.

Also, if there is a problem with the exhaust or power supply, the oven might turn off automatically. This problem should require a professional to be looked at. Do not attempt to go Sheldon on them. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Does the oven turn off after cooking time Samsung?

Yes. Some Samsung ovens do have the turn after-cook time feature. Models like NE59M7750SS, NE59J7870SS, NE59M7850SS, and NE63T8751SS come with this feature equipped. With a sensor, it deduces that the food is cooked and turns off the oven. 

Do electric stoves shut off automatically?

Yes. Most electric stoves shut off automatically. It’s a safety feature that turns off the stove if left turned on or overheated. 

Do smart stoves turn off automatically?

Yes. But you have to keep in mind, that smart devices like a smart stove sometimes malfunction. So even if it shows it is turned off, it might not turn off in reality. So make sure to check it personally rather than your phone notification. 


The modern turn-off features are an amazing addition to the Samsung ovens. But if something doesn’t check out other than these two, you need to troubleshoot the oven by following the manual. If it persists, professional help should be the wiser path to go with. 

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