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The oven is a necessary basic appliance of any home. So if it doesn’t work properly it’ll piss you off or terrify you. As it is an electric culinary it can have many problems from time to time. Most of the problems that you’ll face using an oven are not so serious. These minor problems have easy and simple solutions. Likewise, in today’s article, we will discuss how to reset a bosch oven. The only thing you need to do is follow along to learn more about them.  

How To Reset Bosch Oven

The Process Of Resetting A Bosch Oven

Sometimes you may see that your oven is malfunctioning and showcasing E on the monitor. This E refers to ‘error’. In such a situation you have to reset your oven. But you don’t need to panic about not knowing how to reset the bosch oven. Because the process of resetting a bosch oven is quite easy.

For resetting your oven first you need to find the circuit breaker of the oven. Then you need to turn it off and on. But before turning on the breaker you need to take some time. 

To reset the whole system of the oven might take 2-3 to 30 minutes. Remember, the newer the oven the less time it’ll take. After this, the oven should function well. If it doesn’t then you should call the help center of bosch or a technician.

Some ovens have a fuse instead of a circuit breaker. In case of resetting these ovens first, you need to plug out the fuse and then install it after a few minutes. This will do the work of turning a circuit breaker on and off.

Resetting Bosch Oven After Power Cut

Are you halfway through resetting your oven? And there happens to be a power cut? If so then you need to check out a few things first. 

Check the breaker box, fuse, and power cord. Because any misplacement of these can be the reason for the power cut. Once you find the reason behind the power cut, solve the problem. 

After gaining the power back, start the resetting process from the beginning.

Bosch Oven Not Heating Up

In case you’re cooking or baking and all of a sudden you notice that the oven isn’t heating up. Not only it’s not heating up but not working too. It is normal to panic in such a situation. Yet you need to come down and check the power source. It can be that you’re having a power cut. You should also check the fuse or circuit and how it is plugged in.

If you can’t find any external reason for the problem then the reason is internal. There must be a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat can be misplaced or out of order for such inconvenience. The solution to this problem is recalibrating the thermostat.

Bosch Oven Reset Button

At the time of resetting an oven, a question pops into our mind if there is any button that resets the oven automatically. As if you have this button on your oven then you don’t need to mess around with the circuit breaker or fuse. You can set a timer to reset and start the button. The oven can keep resetting while you can relax or do other chores. The good news is some of the updated bosch ovens have a reset button on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Oven?

In order to reset your oven, you have to first check if you have a circuit breaker on your oven or a fuse. If you have a fuse then you have to cut off first and then again install it after a few minutes break. In case of the breaker, you have to turn it off and on giving it a few minutes.

Why Did My Bosch Oven Stop Working?

If your bosch oven isn’t working then the reason behind it can be the circuit, fuse, plug, or thermostat. No matter where the problem lies you can solve them by disconnecting and then reconnecting them.

How Do You Reset A Bosch Oven After A Power Cut?

After a power cut, you can restart the resetting process, once the power is back. It’s better if you don’t start resetting as soon as the power gets back. Wait for a few minutes and then again start to reset.

Where Is The Thermel Fuse On My Bosch Oven?

The safety of an oven’s thermostat can be maintained by its thermal fuse. You can plug out and install this fuse just like other fuses. The thermal fuse turns on and off the thermostat. It is located on the back wall of the bosch oven.


Almost all electronics malfunction from time to time. They show an error at that time on their monitor because they are unable to function.  By simply resetting the electronic they can function again.

Yet sometimes the problem may not be this minor and your oven won’t function even after resetting. In such a condition you may need to change some parts of the oven. After changing the faulty part of the oven, your oven will function well.

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