Are IKEA Plates Oven Safe? What’s the Truth?

IKEA is famous for its eco-friendly and reasonable products. Though not all of the products are usable in every environment. You may want to use IKEA products for their moderate price and ecofriendliness, which is good but the products aren’t always safe to use.

Are IKEA Plates Oven Safe

Can I Use IKEA Plates In Oven?

Most of the IKEA kitchen utensils like plates, bowls, mugs, pans, pots, etc are made of porcelain. And as you know porcelain isn’t heat tolerant at all. So they are not only unsafe to use in the oven but also unsafe for cooking. Though you’ll see some of the IKEA ovenware items are made of glass, ceramic, and aluminum. They are also not oven safe.

The easy of knowing if the plate is oven safe or not is to look at the label. What you will look at on the label? You will look for the symbol that describes is it oven safe or not. If you don’t know about the symbol or there is no label then you can search about it on the internet. You can also search about the manufacturer and product to know the details.

How Do You Know If An IKEA Product Oven Safe?

Apart from searching about the product on the internet, you can know if it’s oven-safe or not by knowing about the materials it’s made of. Most of the IKEA products are made of porcelain and porcelain can tolerate up to 300 degrees temperature. So, you can put it in the microwave and warm it without any worry.

All the IKEA tableware, kitchenware, and ovenware are microwave and dishwasher-safe for sure. The question is whether it’s oven-safe or not. To answer that question you should know not all the products are made of the same material. So, different IKEA products made of different materials give a different performance in an oven.

IKEA Plates

As plates are the most used tablewares, we often want to warm our food before eating on a plate. Warming food on a plate is safe because of the porcelain that is used in making it can tolerate low heat. But it can’t tolerate high heat. Therefore you can’t cook food by putting them in the oven but you can microwave them.

IKEA Bowls

Ikea bowls are made of the same material as the plates. So, you can microwave this dinnerware but not the oven. As porcelain and tempered glass can’t handle extreme heat, they can melt and poison the food if you put them in an oven.


In the online description of this product, it is said that it’s microwave and dishwasher-safe. Yet if the mugs are stoneware, metallic, or glass mugs and are labeled as oven-safe then you can use them in the oven.


These are made and designed to cook the meal so they aren’t built with any material that isn’t extreme heat tolerant. Instead, they are made of metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Its lid is also made of oven-proof glass. So this cookware is completely oven-safe.


You’ll see that IKEA pots are made of the same material as the pans. Sometimes they can also be built with enamel and cast irons which are safe to use in an oven. That means the pots are oven safe if it’s not labeled otherwise.

IKEA Food Container

These food containers are generally built like IKEA pans. Though the lids of the containers aren’t oven-proof. So you can put the containers in the oven or stove but without the lids.

IKEA Baking Dishes

IKEA baking dishes are formed from stainless steel, aluminum, or glass. These metallic baking dishes are heat tolerant and as they are produced for baking, they are oven-proof.

What Happens If You Put IKEA Plate In Oven?

High temperature makes IKEA plates extremely vulnerable. If you put them in the oven then the particles will melt and mix with food. If porcelain or tempered glass gets mixed with food, the food will become poisonous. Consuming such food is harmful to health. Moreover, the plate can break or crack. Tho in case the plates are thick and not decorative then you can put them in the oven.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are IKEA Baking Dishes Oven Safe?

Yes, IKEA baking dishes are oven-proof. Not only oven-safe but dishwasher-safe too. These dishes are made of glass, steel, stainless steel, or, aluminum. That’s why they are safe to use in an oven.

How Can I Tell If A Plate Is Oven Safe?

To know if your utensils are oven safe or not you need to look for a symbol. The symbol indicates if it is oven-safe or not. You can look for that symbol under the plate, bowl, or mug. You can check out the packaging too for that symbol. If you find the oven-proof symbol then the plate is safe to use in an oven. You can also check out the manufacturer’s website.

Is It OK To Put A Plate In The Oven?

Plates labeled as oven-safe can be put in an oven. In case you can’t find the label at the bottom of the plate you should check the material. Stainless steel, cast iron, metal, ceramic, and glass plates can be used in the oven.

Are Plates From IKEA Microwave-safe?

All the IKEA kitchenwares are tolerant to temperatures of 300 degrees. Some can tolerate more than this temperature, but none tolerate less. Since the temperature of a microwave is less than 300 degrees, of course, the plates are safe to microwave.


None of the IKEA plates are listed as oven-safe unless they are made for the purpose of cooking and baking. They are safe to microwave. If the plates are not decorated or printed then you can use them in an oven, yet they’ll be partly harmless to health.

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