What Does PF Mean On A Microwave? Easy Explanation

Having a microwave brings in a world of convenience. You can warm up food, coffee, and tea (you shouldn’t make tea though), cook a few dishes, and even do rotisserie if it comes with a convection.

But like any other electrical appliance, it breaks down sometimes. And one of them is the sign PF showing up on the screen.

What does PF mean on a microwave anyway? Well, it means Power Failure. This mostly happens if there is a power outage or you have disconnected the microwave suddenly. A simple turn-off and on can make the PF go away from the screen.

what does pf mean on a microwave

Although it can be solved with the on-off function, sometimes the reason is a bit more than a power outage or cut. Here are the other serious reasons why your microwave will show PF on the screen.

  1. Invalid power supply.
  2. Power outage or surge.
  3. Loose powerline or blown fuse. 
  4. Internal wiring problem or damage. 
  5. Control board damage.
  6. Damaged sensors. 

Let’s look at all of them and how they will cause a PF sign on your microwave. 

Reasons Why PF Comes On A Microwave 

There are numerous codes in the microwave. But most of the time it will indicate with a PF or Power Failure sign. And the reason is not always the same. So here are the reasons why PF will flash on the screen.

1. Inadequate Power Flow

A lot of times the power outlet of your home might get damaged. And with it being damaged, your microwave won’t get an adequate flow of power. Hence, the display will show PF. You should check the outlet, and wiring of your house to make sure it isn’t damaged for this one. 

2. Power Outage Or Surge

Sometimes a sudden power outage or surge can cause the microwave to malfunction. As there is not enough power or too much power, the microwave will shut down or will not function to avoid damage. Just unplugging it and letting it sit for a few minutes or after the power is back will fix this issue. 

3. Loose Powerline Or Blown Fuse

We forgot to check the appliance power cord after plugging them in once. Sometimes they get loose and it will cause the microwave to struggle for power. And on comes PF. Also, this might blow off the fuse inside the oven, and you will have to contact the manufacturer’s helpline to get it fixed. 

4. Internal Wiring Problem Or Damage

As a microwave is an oven of sorts, it deals with heat. This causes the wires inside to short circuit and get damaged. Also, it can be a factory defect. So whatever it is, your screen will show the power failure sign. And you know it’s best to call the manufacturer rather than going DIY on it. 

5. Control Board Damage

If your microwave control board is damaged somehow, it won’t function. And if any of the components malfunctions, it will show the power failure or PF sign on the screen. 

6. Damaged Sensors

Microwaves are not only equipped with heating elements but a lot more. Timers, thermometers, heat sensors, food sensors, and a whole lot are included in it. And if one of the sensors goes out of order, you will get a PF sign promptly. 

What To Do To Fix PF On A Microwave

While turning the power on and off will fix the PF or power failure sign most of the time, if other problems like internal component damage occur, it’s best to call the care line of your manufacturer. And if you have a warranty running, you might get a replacement. 

And if you have a damaged outlet or wiring in your house, it is wise to call the electrician rather than do it yourself. If you have prior knowledge of home wiring, you can proceed with caution. 

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the PF code on General Electric?

The PF code for General Electric appliances is PF, 888, or 8888. If any of the 3 shows up, the meaning is the same. 

How do I reset my GE microwave?

You can do a soft reset of your GF microwave by simply pressing and holding the end/clear button. To do a hard reset, you will need to pull the power cord and let it sit for 30 seconds. And it will reset to its original settings. Some models require the removal of the fuse from the back, resetting the clock back, and setting it again. So it is best if you check out the manual. 

What is the PF code on my LG microwave?

The power failure or PF code for LG microwave differs from one model to another. But normally it is F13 and F14 that indicate a power failure or voltage error. 


Whatever the cause is, PF or power failure on your microwave should be treated seriously. If it is a glitch or a regular problem, it will not require any assistance. A simple on-and-off will get it up and running. But other issues mentioned above will require an expert to check it out. 

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