How To Light Coleman Stove (Simple and Straightforward)

For all the campers, hikers, and wildlife explorers out there, this one is for you guys. We know how good it feels to cook a steak in the wild. Or simply warming up a can of beans or chili, enjoying the nature around you. And an army stove isn’t going to give you the right feel and heat of a home-cooked meal.

This is where the Coleman Stove comes in. With a history of over 120 years, they are the must-have gear for any camper and wildlife explorer. Why? Because of their durability, efficiency, and ruggedness. 

For any first-timers, the obvious question is how to light the Colman Stove. Well, it’s as easy as striking a match. It’s camping gear, so you need some matches. And a few other essentials.

We are going to guide you through the process today to make a wildlife explorer as it gets. So buckle up!

how to light coleman stove

Steps To Light A Coleman Stove | The Camping Essential 

There are a few things you will need to light up a Coleman stove. These are not something you will have to hunt for but will be available in any camping, fishing, and hiking gear store. And you will find them in any Walmart and Home Depot.

The things you will need are

  • Propane tank.
  • Wood match or lighter.
  • The Coleman Stove (Obviously).

And when you are done gathering these, let’s start with the steps to light it.

Step 1: Place The Stove In A Steady Position

Start with placing the stove on a level surface as much as you can. Tilting position will cause an accident.

Step 2: Install The Propane Can

Install the propane tank on your Coleman stove. Turn the tank valve on or open it. Do not light anything yet. 

Step 3: Pump The Fuel Tank

There is a pumping liver on the stove’s fuel tank. Start pumping it to create pressure. If your stove doesn’t have a liver, then you don’t have to do this. It takes about 20-30 pumps and occasional pumps later on. 

Step 4: Light The Lighter Or Match And Open The Valve

Light your match or lighter on top of the stove and turn the gas release valve. The burner will now ignite. Adjust to your preferred strength and start cooking. 

Safety Tip: Do not leave the stove unattended. It might cause a fire and harm you or the wildlife. Also, let it cool down before packing it up. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Why is my Coleman stove not lighting?

There can be a few reasons your Coleman stove is not lighting. Either there is not much pressure buildup in the tank, the fuel-air tube is jammed, or the fuel is bad. Replacing all of these and creating enough pressure will ignite your stove. Also, make sure your burners are clean. 

What does the lighting lever do on a Coleman stove?

The lighting lever on a Coleman stove serves as a release button. It releases the air pressure to turn off the stove or control too much air pressure. 

How do you light a mini camping stove?

You can light a mini camping stove by installing the propane tank and lighting it with a match or lighter after releasing the gas valve. If it comes with an igniter button, pressing it will light up automatically. And then use the gas valve to control the flame. Make sure to place it on stable ground before lighting it. 


Operating a Coleman stove doesn’t require you to be a pro. But for a beginner, it can be a bit tough to figure out. With the steps mentioned, you will get a hold of it in no time. 

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