Large Gap Between Stove And Counter | What To Do?

So, you move into a new home, super excited to set it up and everything. You place your old stove top on the counter and wall. And there is a gap between the stove and the counter.

Yep! We’ve all been there. Although this isn’t something to keep you up at night, but will stress you out whenever you are cooking. Things will fall in the gap, be it the spice jar, your favorite wooden spoon, or even the ingredients.  And it’s a pain in the back cleaning it out.

So what do you do about the large gap between the stove and the counter? You fill it up! You can fill it up with a stove guard, stove gap cover, or even a DIY piece of tube to fit the gap. There are a lot of things to do with it.

And we are going to guide you through it. End of the gap era! They should make a movie about it. 

large gap between stove and counter

Filling The Large Gap Between The Stove And Counter In The Kitchen

Sure you can place a wooden plank or board in between the counter and stove. It will work for some time until it falls in the gap. So you do need something permanent. This is why we are going to suggest the 3 best solutions to fill the large gap between your stove and counter today.

The 3 types of things you can use are:

  1. Metal, plastic, or silicon stove guard.
  2. Stove gap cover.
  3. DIY tubing.

Hold your horses, ’cause we are not going to leave you to it. But walk you through each of them.

Metal, Plastic, Or Silicon Stove Guard

The first method is to use a metal, plastic, or silicon stove guard. If we were you, we would go for the metal and silicon ones. You can get it from any Home Depot or hardware store. Make sure to take measurements of the gap and buy the right amount and size. Buy a size wider than your gap, you’ll thank us later.


Then clean off the space, check the stove guard, and cut to fit it perfectly. Then use rubbing alcohol to clean both the counter and the stove. And install the stove guard with screws or adhesive. And you are done! 

Stove Gap Cover

The second thing you can do is buy some stove gap covers. The same thing with these, you have to measure the gap out and buy a size wider. Then clean the gap.

Rub down both the counter and stove with rubbing alcohol. Make some last-minute adjustments if needed to the cover. Apply some silicone caulk to the back of the gap cover, and install it.


Let it sit overnight to set the caulk. And your gap is covered. No more falling off the stove in the pesky gap. 

DIY Tubing

And if you are into DIY, you can use some tubing to fill the gap between the counter and stove. Simply cut the tubing to the size you need. Then clean both the counter and stove. And caulk the tubing and press it over the gap. And you are free of any gaps! It’s more of a life hack for the time being, so obviously go for the other two if you are not keen on saving money. 


People Also Asked For

Should there be a gap between the stove and the countertop?

Although it is natural to have a gap between the stove and the countertop, you can cover it up with foam tape or stove counter covers. Because things will start to fall, and you don’t want the accidental spills to stain your stove or countersides. 

How close can a countertop be to a stove?

The ideal distance of your countertop to your stove should never exceed 24 inches. Over that and you will have problems. 

How do you fill the gap at the back of a stove?

You can fill the gap at the back of your stove with plastic, silicone, tile, or stainless steel sheets. The reason you should cover it is not to let things drop into the gap. It also prevents grease and dust buildup. 


You can easily cover up the gap between your stove and countertop. Any of the above-mentioned methods will help you and is long-lasting. Both of them are also available online and don’t cost much. The only thing you have to keep in mind is getting the size right. You don’t want the covers to be too small in any way. Cheers! 

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