Jenn Air vs Kitchenaid Wall Oven (What Are the Differences)

Whenever you think about getting a home appliance, there are thousands of brands on the market. It is hard to choose among them. 

But the names that might pop into your head on the first go would be Jenn Air and KitchenAid. Both of them are high-end brands, with slight differences in them.

While KitchenAid started its journey back in the 1919s, Jenn Air is fairly new in the game. It started in 1947.

Jenn Air vs Kitchenaid Wall Oven

Although they were introduced back in the day, Jenn Air started their production with industrial-grade fans and KitchenAid focused on stand mixers. Which are still in production along with its other kitchen appliances like the wall oven.

So if you are confused about which one you should get this Jenn Air vs KitchenAid wall oven article is for you. 

Jenn Air vs Kitchenaid Wall Oven

Did you know, that both Jenn Air and KitchenAid are now the parent company of the Whirlpool Corporation? It’s good to know the history of your kitchen appliances before you can go pick them up.

With that said, both of the brands have their individual product line. None of them is the same type although they are owned by the same corporation. 

Here are the few things you will have to put into consideration while choosing a wall oven between Jenn Air and KitchenAid.

Variation of Single Wall Models

Whenever you are going shopping for a wall oven, it is always about the models. The size differences are the main thing.

Depending on your kitchen size and wall accommodation for the oven, you might be thinking of getting a 24-inch. Which will be hard if you are keen on getting a Jenn Air wall oven. 

Jenn Air only has 27-inch, 30-inch, and 30-inch deluxe models for your single-wall oven. They are great in performance, but not so much for the space.

On the other hand, KitchenAid has its models in 24 inches, 27-inch, and 30-inch variations. It doesn’t seem much if you look at it, but if you have a small kitchen, then it is a big issue. 

So KitchenAid wins in having the smaller size models this round.

Double Wall Ovens Variation

If you are opting for a double wall oven, the choices are almost the same for both Jenn Air and KitchenAid. Both of them market the same size models.

But KitchenAid has one more model down their sleeves. 

The Jenn Air double wall oven comes in 27 inches and 30-inch variants. While KitchenAid not only has a 27-inch and a 30-inch variant but also a 30-inch deluxe option.

Performance is the same, but the 30-inch deluxe version has some little tweaks over the other one. 

So if you are looking for a little bit more from your oven, then KitchenAid has it for you.

Customization Features

Till now, we didn’t find Jenn Air helpful towards the consumer. KitchenAid had the ball in its court all the time. Which is now going to change.

Like any other wall oven, you might want yours to be customized to your liking. And most of the brands in the market don’t have that option.

But Jenn Air can do any type of customization. From the material, it is built to the burner stoves and anything in between, you can even have it colored to your liking. 

This is the main reason you will find professional chefs using Jenn Air ovens. They are aimed at the bigger guns. Along with the vast number of consumers in the market. Everyone is a chef to Jenn Air and they will customize your wall oven to your preference.

Sadly, KitchenAid doesn’t have that many customizable options. You will find all the necessary parts whenever you need them, but they are limited to customization to your wish. 

So if you have customization in your mind, you should go for Jenn Air.

Modern Facilities, Presets, and Options

As everything is evolving, so are wall ovens. From their design, service, and preset options, everything is going on the more tech-savvy side. Talk about the rise of machines!

Jenn Air has the most modern preset, facilities, and setups in the wall oven industry. They come with fully digital setups along with their knob designs as well. 

This is more important for chefs who are keen on the little details, so everything can be monitored and customized to their will.

KitchenAid is more of a traditional type. It offers presets and facilities to a certain extent. They are made for the sole purpose of serving a household rather than high-end restaurants and chefs. 

So if you are more into technology Jenn Air is the best. And if you just one a good functional oven, KitchenAid is hard to beat.

Price Point and Value 

This is the most important part for both Jenn Air and KitchenAid wall ovens. No matter how fancy the ovens are, the price cuts anyone off from their list.

Jenn Airs, with all their customization, modern facilities, and presets, come at a high price point. As they are aimed at the high-end chefs, they tend to have high quality built and customization.

KitchenAid on the other hand has a more crowd-friendly price range. With everything that you can want from a wall oven and along with minimal customization options, KitchenAid wall ovens come more inexpensively.

Which One Should You Go For

If you are looking just for an oven that will do what you need it to do, nothing more, then KitchenAid would be the best option for you.

But if you like the tech-savvy, presets, and customization like a pro chef, then Jenn Air is no doubt the better option. You get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jenn-Air and KitchenAid the same?

Jenn Air and KitchenAid are not the same. They are both owned by the Whirlpool Corporation but have their individual products and factories. The most distinctive difference would be Jenn Airs’ approach to a more expensive crowd and KitchenAid’s approach to the more home-friendly price range of products.

Is Jenn-AIR considered high-end?

Yes. Jenn Air products are considered high-end for their high-quality materials, customization options, and quality. They are also superior in technology to any other products in the market. While offering regular options, they also include presets that can accommodate a professional chef’s liking. 

What is comparable to Jenn-AIR?

There is one other brand distinctly comparable to Jenn Air. The Viking appliances are more comparable in performance, customization, and technologically advanced than the Jenn Air oven. They even got featured in numerous cooking shows and suggested by professionals over Jenn Air.

What company makes Jenn-AIR?

Jenn Air is an individual home appliances brand since 1947. But being acquired by Maytag Corporation in 1982, it started functioning under them until Whirlpool Corporation brought them in 2006. They still function as an individual brand but under Whirlpool Corporation’s supervision. This allowed them to get a more variety of customers all along with the glove.


Jenn Air wall ovens are one of the most high-end ovens you might get. They are not only efficient at their work, but also do more than you want from them. Precision is the key for Jenn Air ovens. While KitchenAid is more user-friendly and more affordable. It does what any wall oven would do and gives you the option to have it in different sizes. So if you are just getting an oven for your home, KitchenAid should be your first option. But for high-end chefs, Jenn Air is the one.

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