Samsung Oven Thinks Probe Is In | How to Turn It Off

As an oven user, sometimes it is very tough to measure the internal temperature of the cooking food. Since every food has its own scale of temperature with which it can be cooked properly, it is not possible to get a perfect meal if you do not provide the right temperature for the food that it needs.

If you are a Samsung oven user then you have the function to use an oven temperature probe. It helps you get the information if your meat reaches the perfect internal temperature or not. The oven probe enables you to get a slice of juicy and tender meat. You can use the function with convection roast, convection bake, and bake.

Samsung Oven Thinks Probe Is In

Samsung Oven Thinks Probe Is In

There is thinks probes technology in your Samsung oven. The temperature sensor or probe extends into the Samsung oven on the top left border of its back-interior panel. To figure out the oven thinks probe, you have to reach into the Samsung oven along with the ceiling towards this left-back border.

Moreover, if you fail to search the thinks probe of your Samsung oven then please check out the user manual. With the help of the user manual, you can find out the exact location of the temperature probes.

When you can detect the function, you can easily use it. At first, you have to place the meat that you want to cook in an oven-proof dish. After that, you have to insert the oven temperature probe into the thickest meat part. At this time, you have to be concerned if the bone of the meat does not touch the other side of the meat due to using the probe. Then, after opening the oven door please set the meat inside. The next task that you have to do is, plug this probe jack into a socket that is in the wall of your oven. Then close the oven door.

After closing the oven door, you have to turn on your Samsung oven and tap the temperature probe button. In this step, you have to use numbers on the control panel of your oven. You can set the required internal temperature of the meat that you are going to cook. 

However, after pressing the start button, you can finish the task.

The Samsung Oven Says to Remove the Probe

Sometimes your Samsung oven can say you to remove the probe. It happens when you fail to insert the probe into the meat appropriately that you want to cook. When you select the thinks probe function in your oven and insert a probe into the probe jack of the oven then you can see the temperature probe icon on the display. The display is located next to the clock. If the function shuts off once when the cooking session begins, it indicates that you did not perfectly insert the probe into the probe jack.

The Samsung Oven Says Probe

Your Samsung oven can say probe sometimes. It generally happens when the probe cannot be connected properly. If you follow some steps to fix this problem then it will rapidly work.

To connect the probe, you have to open the door of the oven and then plug the probe into the probe jack. After that, it is time to turn off the circuit breaker of your oven. Then for at least five minutes, please leave the circuit breaker off.

After five minutes you have to turn on the circuit breaker. Now, please turn on your oven and press the bake button.

Ways to Turn Off a Samsung Oven Probe

It is important to know the ways how to turn your Samsung oven probe. In any situation, you may require to turn the oven probe off. However, with a simple press on the off or clear button, you can turn off the oven temperature probe. It is usually a smart and easy process.

But if you fail to turn off your Samsung oven probe this way please try out the following steps.

  1. At first, you have to open your Samsung oven door. Then please disconnect the oven probe from the probe jack.
  2. In the second step, now is the time to take out the probe of the oven. After doing that please unplug the power cord of your Samsung oven from the outlet.
  3. In the third step, you have to leave your Samsung oven unplugged for the next five minutes.
  4. After that time your task is to plug back the oven.

By following these steps, you can easily turn off your Samsung oven temperature probe.

Resetting Process of the Samsung Electric Cooker

For resetting your Samsung electric cooker, you have to restore the electric control board by removing the zone for three minutes. but, after connecting this zone if any code appears then you have to remove the zone. Then, please re-tighten the cable connection that has been lost. Now, it is time to replace the damaged wiring. But if the issue has still persisted, then you have to replace the electric control board immediately.

Resetting Process of the Samsung Oven

With some simple and rapid steps, you will be able to reset your Samsung oven very conveniently.

  1. Firstly, you have to press the button off or cancel button repeatedly until you can see the clock on the LCD screen.
  2. Secondly, it is time to press the off or cancel button until you can turn off the LCD screen along with the oven.
  3. Thirdly, you have to unplug your Samsung oven from the power switch or outlet. After unplugging the power outlet, please wait for one minute.

With these steps it will be very easy to reset your Samsung oven, I hope.  


When you can use an oven temperature probe in your oven, then it will be very convenient to balance the perfect temperature for the meat that you are going to cook in the oven. For getting a slice of perfect meat for a meal, it is a very crucial thing to adjust the temperature of the oven. When you are using a Samsung oven, then the maximum temperature should be 550 degrees F. But if your Samsung oven calculates temperature in Celsius, then the maximum temperature is about 285 to 288 degrees Celsius.

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