How Do You Cook Pizza In A Smeg Oven? 2 Easy Methods

If there is something most of us are interested in, it is definitely using something original and fresh. Pizza originates in Italy, which is public knowledge by now. DId you know, the Smeg oven has Italian heritage? 

Well surely, it does. The fact is exciting, but a tad intimidating. Italian ovens could make Italian pizza, but what if it is different from our regular pizza? Well in this article we will find out how to cook a pizza in a Smeg oven, from the preparation of dough to how to turn on a Smeg oven.

How Do You Cook Pizza In A Smeg Oven

How Do You Turn On A Smeg Oven?

Here are the steps to turn on a Smeg oven.

  1. Ensure your switch is on: The simplest act of all in pizza cooking holds the entire power, you have to turn the switch on the oven! Make sure it is connected to the right plug and switched on without any complications.
  2. Toggle the right control knob: To turn on your oven, toggle the right control knob to turn on the LCD dial. Toggle through to select the right function for your pizza.
  3. Set the temperature: Turn the temperature knob or use the numeric keypad to set your desired temperature. 
  4. Preheat your oven: Make sure your oven is preheated for some time. It will help you get the optimal results. 
  5. Press the “start” button: Pressing the start button will automatically turn on the Smeg oven.
  6. Set a timer: Setting a timer helps you get an automated alert so you can better monitor when your pizza is ready. 

How Do You Make A Pizza In A Smeg Oven?

Here is the way to make a pizza in a Smeg oven.

For the dough. 

  1. Mix your dry ingredients: In a bowl, put flour, strong bread flour, fast acting yeast and salt. Follow the dry ingredients by putting olive oil and mixing it. 
  2. Make a dough: Depending on you, make a dough with a hand or mixer. Keep pouring warm water into the dough and knead it. 
  3. Divide the dough: Divide the dough into 4 pieces. Put the pieces on a dough with enough room away from each other.
  4. Wait for 1 hour: Waiting for one hour would give enough time for your dough to grow big, and prepare you for the next step.
  5. Shape your pizza: Roll each piece of dough into a small circle. Spread it out to shape the pizza like a large disc. 

For the cooking

  1. Top your pizza: Put the toppings of your choice on the pizza. Put your cheese. 
  2. Pizza stone: Preheat the pizza stone. Use the pizza stone to cook your pizza.
  3. Cook: The pizza will be cooked at 260 degrees for 7 minutes. 

Pro Tips

  • Thin crust pizzas are best to cook in a Smeg oven. Go for Neapolitan style pizzas. 
  • Experiment with different doughs will help you keep your pizza range and best understand which one to cook on the Smeg pizza.
  • In order for best results, you have to periodically turn your pizza. This will even out your heat distribution. 
  • Do not go overboard with your pizza toppings
  • Always prioritize safety in cooking.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Should I bake the pizza in a convection oven?

Convection smeg ovens are a better choice than conventional ovens because pizzas need even heat distribution a lot more than convection ovens. 

Is there any need to adjust my recipe to cook in a Smeg oven?

Depending on the kind of pizza you like, you should adjust the recipe before cooking in a Smeg oven. It will be different for thin and thick crusts, so adjust accordingly.


So, is it too tough to cook a pizza in a Smeg oven? It sure does not seem so. Following the steps and tips will help you achieve a great pizza. Just remember to adjust your recipe as needed.

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