Is My Oven Gas Or Electric (How to Identify)

Gas ovens and electric ovens have some distinctive features and functions. The method of maintaining them is also different from each other. Moreover, the process of cooking a dish may differ according to the type of oven. Hence to know if your oven is gas or electric you have to check the features of the oven.

Is My Oven Gas Or Electric

Is My Oven Gas Or Electric

A gas oven runs on gas while an electric oven depends on electricity to work. Rather than this the knob, pilot light, window, plug, and burner gates of the ovens differ from each other. That’s why to know if your oven is gas or electric you have to check everything in the oven. To be further sure here are some visible features discussed of the oven below.

  1. Take a look at the oven; gas ovens will have a small, round window in the front and nothing will be there for electric ovens. 
  2. The plug is visible; a three-prong plug for gas ovens and a two-prong plug for electric ovens.
  3. On the stovetop, check the knob; it is the control switch for gas ovens and is used to set the cooking process for electric ovens.
  4. Check the pilot light’s position; it is at the front usually in gas ovens and back in electric ovens.
  5. Check out the burner grates; it is removable for gas ovens and integrated for electric ovens.
  6. Observe the difference between the outlet and the line. Simply check the power supply line whether it is gas or electric. 

Gas Oven

A gas oven has a window at the front of the oven. The pilot light is also situated in the same area, whence other ovens have it at the side or back. In addition, the knob of a gas oven multitasks, it turns on and off the oven as well as controls its heat and temperature. Gas ovens have inbuilt burners that work as a stove, so you can cook at the stove and oven at the same time.

Furthermore, there are a thermostat, thermocouple, and ignition generator in a gas oven. The supply of natural gas fuels the burners of the oven. When the burner is on the thermostat measures the temperature and keeps a check on it. The thermocouple ensures safety by cutting off the gas supply at any occurrence of unwanted flame.

There are some external qualities too, for being sure about a gas oven. The gas oven has a three-pointed plug, is larger in size, and has multiple burners inside and outside of the oven. Though an electric spark in the ignition generates starts the oven gas supply is a must for cooking.

Electric Oven

Whence the gas oven works using a natural gas supply, the electric oven functions by heating the coil inside it using electricity. Electric ovens with stoves and without stoves both are available on the market. You can have any one of the two kinds according to your preference.

The one with stoves can resemble a gas oven but if you look you’ll see there are no burners in electric ovens. As there are coils inside the stoves instead of burners. Not to mention there are other differences too like it has many switches for various functions, a screen showing the temperature and time. It can also have a touch screen like smartphones to manage and instruct by touching the dedicated icons.

The plug of an electric oven is two-pointed and produces less heat compared to a gas oven. The ones without stoves are smaller and take up a little space.

Gas Or Electric Oven: Which is Better for Me

Gas ovens are in use for a much longer period than electric ovens. Though gas ovens can cause more damage in any accident it’s more picked by people. The reason behind this preference is that it produces more heat and thus cooks fast and better. Also, the foods cooked in a gas oven taste better. The users add that the heat of a gas oven is more manageable than an electric oven.

About the matter of price, a gas oven is costlier but it needs less energy to run. Whilst a gas oven takes up more space in the kitchen, an electric oven is available in various sizes and is cheaper but uses more energy. Thus the debate of which one is better depends on your comfort and choice.

Again, cleaning an electrical oven is easier but a gas oven is harder because of the high heat. You’ll need much more force to clean a gas oven and stove than an electric oven. The electric one is safe to use in case of fire incidents as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can An Oven Be Both Gas And Electric?

Yes, an oven can be both gas and electrical if it has a dual fuel range. This type of oven has a gas stove with an electric oven. Because a gas stove is better than an electric stove in being able to provide high heat. And the electric oven is better than a gas oven for consistent heat. You may manage the fuel supply of the oven.

Does A Gas Oven Cooks Differently Than An Electric Oven?

No, both of the ovens cook using the same mechanism. But a gas oven can provide more heat than an electric though the consistency of the heat depends on the supply of the gas. In case the supply is weak then you won’t be able to cook, which is rare.


If you’re confused about your oven even now just try to find burners. On a gas oven, you’ll find them easily on top of it. In case it doesn’t have a burner then it’s clear that your oven is an electrical one. Electric ovens work best for dishes that need low heat to cook, and gas ovens perform better for high-temperature cooking.

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