How to Take Pizza Off Oven Rack | The Safest Method

Craving for pizzas? You can order, defrost or reheat if you already got any, or you can make yourself one! However, the overall process won’t go smoothly always. What if you burn yourself while taking out the pizza, or the hot pizza falls off and ruin your appetite, mood, and other surfaces, sometimes pizza can even get stuck!

How to Take Pizza Off Oven Rack

To deal with these situations you need to know how to take the pizza off the oven rack properly. This article offers a guide to the proper removal of pizza from the oven and some other exclusive tips. Try to read the article thoroughly because neglecting one part of the steps can mess up the whole thing rather than help. 

How to Take Pizza Off Oven Rack | Steps to Take Pizza Off

Taking the pizza off the oven rack properly is a set of small and simple steps. Follow them completely and enjoy your meal alone or with your family and friends.

The Things You Will Need

  • Oven Mittens or Potholders
  • Heatproof Spoon or Spatula
  • Pizza peel, cutting board, or a flat baking pan

To take off pizza from the oven rack have two distinct objectives, to save yourself from any oven burns and to get the pizza out of it as smoothly as possible. 

Take Care of the Heat

Your pizza will be done when you hear the beep. Make sure to turn off the oven because avoiding heat is the first concern during any kind of baking process for safety purposes.

Use Oven Mitts

After taking care of the heat, grab a pair of over mittens, if not possible, consider using potholders. Make sure the mittens or potholders are fully dry and they don’t have any holes. If you don’t pay attention, it might lead to steam burns, because the air inside the oven stays too hot even after you have shut it down.

Take the Pizza Out

When you are all set, open the oven door and get a hold of the oven rack with your mittens or potholders. If the pizza is on the tray or stone, do not go straight for them, instead, pull the pizza rack closer towards you, a bit outside the oven. In this way, you wouldn’t have to get too close to the oven’s heat inside.

But in the case of using a pizza pan or stone to bake the pizza, you can directly take out the pan first without using a peel. And then you can easily take the pizza out of the pan outside. Although many people use a pizza peel, baking sheet, or cutting board to get this job done.

If you are just reheating or defrosting the pizza by placing directly on the oven rack, it’s comparatively easier to use take the pizza out using a pizza peel or paddle. The narrow front edge with the flat surface of the pizza peel helps in sliding it under the corners of the pizza without any problem.

When using a pizza peel, once you have placed it under the hot pizza, take a heat-resistant spoon or spatula to push the pizza toward the peel properly to get it out quickly, otherwise, the pizza will fall off and ruin so many things.

And if you are using a baking sheet or cutting board and there is no pizza peel, make sure to put them on the front side of the oven. To get the pizza out of the oven, keep pushing the pizza towards the edge with the spoon or spatula. Once you are done with perfectly taking off the pizza, let it cool down a bit before digging in.

How Do You Remove a Stuck Pizza?

It’s inevitable that sometimes your pizza will get stuck to the pan or stone while baking. So what can you do to unstuck pizza to eat until you are satisfied? The solution to this problem is super simple. 

Get your large spatula under the sticky spots, and try shaking the pizza. Then place the leading edge of the pizza on the surface you need it to be, and shove the pizza off the peel or pan whatever you were using.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do if I got burned while taking off the pizza from the oven?

Act quickly if you accidentally burn yourself while removing a pizza from the oven. Until the pain subsides, run cool water over the burned area for several minutes. Then cover the burn area with a clean cloth and seek primary treatment if needed. 

Should I put the pizza on the lower rack or upper rack?

To add better texture to your pizza, you should put the pizza on the upper rack in your oven. Also, it’s better to put the pizzas with thin crust as far as possible from the heating device, so that the pizza doesn’t get burned. For the thick crust pizzas, you can put them in the lower rack for even heating.

How long does pizza stay in the oven?

Usually, you need to cook pizza for approximately almost 20 minutes. But you should check the pizza after 8 minutes and rotate if necessary because the oven temperature may vary.

How to know when a pizza is baked?

When the cheese or other toppings will be cooked and the crust will be slightly browned, the pizza is ready to be the sacrifice of your cravings. Also, the crust will be firm and crispy to the touch.

Ending Statement

Even if you know how to take the pizza off the oven rack safely, you need to be cautious about the leftovers. Don’t let the pizza remain for more than 2 hours at room temperature. When you are done eating, wrap the leftovers with foils tightly or put them in an airtight container then transfer them to the refrigerator. 

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