How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven | Step By Step Guide

Before you start with the cleaning process make sure that kids and your pets are at a safe distance from the explosion area. Also, wear hand gloves to ensure safety. After that use a dustpan or brush to sweep the small broken glass particles and then check if any other small particles are left behind or not.

How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven

Once you are done cleaning the glass particles using the brush, you can either use duct tape to pick up the glass dust. People also prefer using soft slices of bread to do this part of the job. To know more about how to clean exploded glass in the oven, follow this article and learn more about this issue.

How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven

Glass baking dishes are widely used by most for their convenience. As these baking dishes look good, are inexpensive, and perfectly blend with all sorts of dinnerware, people prefer them over anything else. 

But recently, some users are experiencing glass explosions out of nowhere in the oven. And you can find their story online on most social media like YouTube, Amazon reviews, Reddit, and so on. 

But how do they break inside the oven in the first place? And how should you tackle the situation and clean the mess up? So, let us bring light to this issue and see how worried you should be regarding this matter.

How Do You Clean an Oven After a Glass Explodes in It?

To clean an oven after a glass or glassware explodes in it, follow these simple procedures mentioned down below.

Step 1: Make sure the kids and your pets are at a safe distance from the area.

Step 2: Wear safety gloves

Step 3: Use a dustpan or brush to sweep the little pieces of glass

Step 4: Now check out the inside of the oven to see if there are any small broken pieces left behind or not. You can try using or torch for that.

Step 5: Here comes the more challenging part of this job where you have to deal with the smaller pieces of glass. For this part, you can just simply use duct tape to pick up the glass dust as well as the shards. 

Step 6: Sometimes broken glass tends to travel a long way around. So look out in a wider area and clean them up.

Step 7: Do not use the vacuum cleaner to clean the shards inside your oven.

The vacuum cleaner is always restricted to use against glass shards because they can get stuck inside the long hose of the cleaner. Also sometimes, they get stuck inside the cleaner’s brush and nozzle.

And when the vacuum cleaner is not running and at rest, these little shards of glass can come out and cause severe damage to you or your kids.

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How Do You Clean a Glass Explosion?

To clean glass explosions, duct tape is the most widely used. But sometimes duct tapes are hard to reach some of the tough corners of the ovens. In those particular cases, duct tape becomes slightly inconvenient.

As an effective alternative to duct tape, you can always rely on the good old technique which is using the bread as a sponge. Just take a regular soft bread and try to reach those places where the duct tape can not reach.

You do not have to put a lot of pressure on the bread. The glass dust and the shards of the glass will get attached to the bread automatically. Besides, you can use the bread as a brush to wipe out the glass dust as well. But we will suggest you do that part of the job with a regular brush.

Why Did My Pyrex Baking Dish Explode?

When the temperature in the oven changes rapidly from too cold to too hot and vice versa, the Pyrex glassware inside it might experience thermal shock. As a result, a different part of the glassware goes through frequent expansion and contraction differently. 

This way, the physical and chemical properties of the Pyrex sometimes get compromised which results in shattering.

Though this phenomenon is quite rare among regular glassware users. But with Pyrex glassware users, this issue is rather common. And glass explosion is not happening with the oven users only. People are having this problem with dishwashers as well.

Pyrex is not just recently introduced to the customers. Then why this glass explosion is being this common today? Because Pyrex glassware was used to be manufactured from borosilicate glass. 

But nowadays, soda-lime glass is being used to build Pyrex as an alternative. Because soda-lime glass is more available and inexpensive. So cost-cutting plays a key role here.

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What Do You Do With Broken Pyrex?

Manufacturing ovenware requires a little bit different procedure and some special treatment to withstand high temperatures and frequent temperature changes. As a result, this Pyrex glassware is non-recyclable. 

So, if you have some broken Pyrex glassware, make sure that is disposed of carefully in the waste bin. To dispose of the broken glassware, you can try wrapping them inside a newspaper or use some plastic bags.

There are a lot of options out there and here are a few of them that are useful and handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the oven with cracked glass?

Although oven with cracked glass does not affect the temperature and the quality of the baked food. But it might cause injury to the user at some point. Besides, the oven door is a little bit complicated, so you might face some safety issues with the oven door.

Can Pyrex go in a 450-degree oven?

Pyrex is built in a way to withstand higher temperatures. But sometimes 450 degrees Fahrenheit might be an issue for the Pyrex glassware. Though they are supposed to withstand this temperature according to the manufacturer. But you should keep the temperature slightly below 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can oven glass shatter from the heat?

Even though the oven glass is designed to withstand a lot of heat. But sometimes the internal portion of the oven glass can be damaged from extreme heat, just like the other internal components.

Can I use Pyrex on the stovetop?

Pyrex glassware is more suitable for intense heat. But they are designed for stovetops at all. So most manufacturers usually restrict the user from using the Pyrex glassware on the stovetop.


Pyrex glassware has been widely used as oven glassware for decades now. Although they are highly resistant to extreme heat. But against thermal shock, they might not be the perfect option at all. I hope, by now you know how to clean exploded glass in the oven, and you will be able to tackle the situation like an expert.

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