How to Clean Burnt Sugar From Oven With Just 3 Things

Every once in a while, your cooking gets horribly wrong. And it leaves your food all over your oven.

And the grease keeps on building on top of another if you don’t clean them. The hardest of them is burnt sugar. They are sticky, hard, and not easy to remove from your oven

How to Clean Burnt Sugar From Oven

You might want to poke it with a knife or spoon, but it isn’t a good idea. Like all good things comes to those who wait with patience, the same goes for cleaning your oven. We are going to tell you how to clean burnt sugar from oven after a recipe goes wrong. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Burnt Sugar From Oven

Newbie or a professional, you might be familiar with some of the kitchen essentials. There is even a trick about using vinegar and baking soda to clear out your clogged-up sink. And that is also the best way to deal with burnt sugar in your oven. 

The Secret Homemade Oven Cleaning Solution

Well, it’s not a big secret, but more like magic. You have to combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle in equal portions. Do not mix the baking soda yet, because if you dilute it with the vinegar-water mixture, the effects will be less than we need it.

So you have to use a good amount of baking soda on top of your burnt sugar in the oven first. Then add the liquid on top of that.  And close the oven door and let it sit overnight. 

Do not open the door no matter what. The chemical reaction is better if it is left without any air.

Let’s take you down step by step on the cleaning process.

Steps to Follow to Clean Burnt Sugar From Oven

Following the steps, below will ease your hard work by a ton. So organize your solutions and baking soda first and do the rest later.

  • Start by taking off any bigger dirt or burnt pieces out of the oven.
  • Now that all the pieces are taken care of, spread your baking soda on top of the burnt sugar. Cover it generously.
  • Take your vinegar and water solution and pour it over the baking soda-covered spot. It will start to bubble and the reaction is on. 
  • Close the oven door and leave it overnight.
  • In the morning, use a brush to scrub off any access pieces. Clean and dry your oven afterward. 

If your oven has a self-cleaning function, you can use that too. But if there is still burnt sugar on the bottom, do the solution process and then put it on self-cleaning.

And in the end, it is that simple and easy. You will have a shining new oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean burnt sugar?

Cleaning burnt sugar can look hard at first. But if you know the right tricks, it is easy as a home run. You can use vinegar and water solution and warm your burnt sugar pan on the stove to dissolve the sugar. If it is in the oven, then you can cover it with baking soda and then pour the vinegar and water solution and leave it overnight. Additionally, if you don’t have any of those, using Cocacola also works. But remember not to leave it on the stove for too long.

How do you clean a burnt oven?

A burnt oven can overwhelm you. You need to start by taking off the bigger dirt out first. A vacuum can come in handy this time. When you are left with only the sticky bits, use a homemade vinegar and water solution along with baking soda. Let it sit overnight and clean it in the morning. Scrub down all the corners and it will be good as new. Also, if you have oven cleaners, they do wonders with burn ovens.

How do you get hard sugar off a stove?

To get hard sugar off a stove, you need to heat up a vinegar and baking soda solution. Then pour it into the sugar on the stove. Let it sit for a good amount of time and do its magic. Clean it off by rubbing it with a brush and then dry cloths. 


Burnt sugar in your oven is a huge pain to remove. Never try to scrape it off-dry. It will damage your oven permanently. Better do the chemical remedy on it and then clean it off. A simple homemade solution does wonders. Even some oven cleaners do the trick. And no matter what you do, do not turn the oven when you have applied the baking soda and vinegar solution in it. It will cause an unbreathable fume in your home that might be hazardous. 

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