How to Build a Coal Fired Pizza Oven | 8 Steps

Pizza is the ultimate food for any occasion. Be it a party, gathering, or your late-night craving, it will fulfill your heart and soul along with your tummy.

But pizza is not just-food. It also embodies an emotion. For some people, it is sacred as it can be.

And the toppings! There is nothing on this earth that cannot go in the pizza. Although it depends on your choice, every country and individual has their own choice.

How to Build a Coal Fired Pizza Oven

Talking about choice, most people like pizza not only because of its toppings but also for its fluffy airy crust. And nothing can beat a coal-fired pizza oven.

For you pizza enthusiasts out there, you might be thinking of building your own pizza oven in your backyard. But you don’t know where to start. 

So hold on to your dough and toppings, because we are going to tell you how to build a coal fired pizza oven in this article.

How to Build a Coal Fired Pizza Oven Outdoors

Pizzas are meant to be a simple dish. It’s fulfilling, has everything in one bite, your greens, meats, and selection of cheese and tanginess. You just order it or pop it in the oven if you brought it from the store, and you have a full meal. But there is more to that.

A good pizza should have an airy, light, and delicate crust. Your oven might be able to do it. If you make your own dough and everything. But what can elevate it to the next level is a coal-fired pizza oven.

Like the early days, the coal fire pizza oven not only cooks your pizza perfectly but also gives it a unique taste of char and a crispy bottom. Which is the main thing about any pizza.

To build your own coal pizza oven, you have to do some work. Although it might not seem much, the end result will be mind-blowing.

The Things You Will Need to Build a Coal Fired Pizza Oven

If you are thinking of building a coal-fired pizza oven indoors, it might not be a good idea. If you have enough space in your kitchen, it will do, but the best would be to build it outside.

As there is a full brick structure along with a chimney for the oven to vent, it is wise to place it outside. Unless you have space enough in your kitchen and want to bring down a part of your wall.


The thing you have to keep in mind is the size of your oven. There are 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch ovens. And for a 24-inch oven, you will need 2ft by 2ft of space, 3ft by 3 ft for a 36-inch oven, and 4 ft by 4ft for a 48-inch oven. 

So select and mark your space before anything else. Then you can go for the things listed below.

  • Fireproof bricks.
  • Adhesive (fireproof landscape)
  • Grinder.
  • Chisel.
  • Plywoods and some wooden stands.
  • Capstone for the oven.

Steps of Building a Coal Fired Pizza Oven

There will be a separate compartment for your coal to burn and the heat to reflect onto the pizza oven itself. It is due to the chemicals that emit from the coal which are hazardous. A wood fire pizza oven doesn’t require this method.

Step 1: Start With Your Base

After you have secured the place you want to build your oven, lay down some bricks of your preferred size. Use adhesives to secure them. And make sure you calculate how tall you want your oven to be. This will let you know how many bricks you will need.

Step 2: Make the Coal Compartment

While you are building the base, you have to build the coal compartment along with it. As you don’t want any smoke or ash from the coal to reach your food, it will be sealed with a door in the end and have a chimney from the back.

Step 3: Place the Capstone

After you have reached your desired height, it is time to place the capstone. It is a stone that will be used to cook your pizza. Which is the same as any authentic pizza restaurant. 

Place the capstone and use adhesive to seal it on the base.

Step 4: Building Structure for the Dome

When you have finished installing the capstone, it is time for the most exciting part. The Dome! This is what gives a pizza oven its signature look.

Using plywood and the right measurement, bend the plywood. And place it securely with some wood planks underneath it. You don’t want this to be permanent, as you have to take it out. It is just for the support of the dome.

Step 5: Craft the Dome

If your plywood structure is secured and you are satisfied with its shape and size, it is time to use mortar and bricks to build the dome. You might need to shape the bricks to your liking, and this is where the grinder comes in.

Use the grinder cautiously as it is a very sharp and dangerous tool. Wear protective equipment like gloves and glasses. Also, remember to leave a space for your chimney. It can be on the back or on the top of your oven.

Step 6: Build the Chimney

When you are done with the dome, build the chimney. It is the same as any other break laying. This allows the oven to have enough air support along with the right temperature all the time.

Step 7: Let Everything Dry 

Now comes the hard part. You will need to wait for a few days for your oven to dry out. The mortar will set and the construction will be solid in that time. Do not start using it right away.

Step 8: Take Out the Dome Support 

After 4-5 days, take out the dome support. Check if the mortar is dry and everything is set. Pull out the support slowly without damaging your oven.

And now you have your very own coal-fired pizza oven.

Note: Check with your state law on coal-burning as sometimes coals contain harmful materials. Run your oven a few times before putting in pizza to disinfect anything in the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a Coal Fired pizza?

Using a coal-fired pizza oven you can make a coal-fired pizza. The coal-fired pizza oven is almost the same as a wood-fired pizza oven but the coal is burnt in a separate compartment. This is due to the harmful substances that might emit from the coal. Simply make your pizza dough, add the toppings and place it in the capstone in the oven and you will have your pizza ready in 3-4 minutes.

Can I use coal in a pizza oven?

Yes. If you have a coal-fired pizza oven, then you can use coal. Otherwise, you cannot directly cook pizza over a coal bed. The toxic elements will contaminate the pizza. This is why coal-fired ovens have a separate compartment for the coal and the pizza.

What kind of coal should I use for pizza ovens?

As coals burn into ashes, it is an expensive commodity. That is why you should use anthracite coals. This is used by any pizzeria that has a coal oven. It has more carbon density, fewer impurities, and burns for a long time. 


Building your own coal-fired pizza oven is not just tiresome work, but also a work of art. There are professionals who do this for their everyday job. So if you are thinking of building one, go for it. It will not only be a fun time to work, but you will appreciate your efforts in the end. And along with it, you will get fantastic tasting pizzas every time you want. 

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