How To Light A Wedgewood Vision Oven? Learn In 5 Simple Steps

You can not use the same appliances in your motor home that you use in your kitchen. Your motor home requires a larger and multifunctional oven of a perfect size that fits into the dedicated RV compartment. In that case, a Wedgewood vision oven can be a savior since the ovens are made especially for your motorhome. The oven also comes in different sizes and functions so that it can meet your expectation of having an RV oven. 

How To Light A Wedgewood Vision Oven

When you are using a Wedgewood Vision RV oven for the first time, you may face difficulties operating it. And the difficulties start with lighting the oven.

Lighting a Wedgewood Vision Oven- 5 Steps

Lighting a Wedgewood oven is not entirely distinct from other RV ovens. The process of lighting a Wedgewood oven is pretty similar to any other brand on the market. Let’s see.

  • For a Wedgewood vision oven, you will have to light up the oven manually. To light up, you have to first locate the pilot inside of the oven door. It’s mostly found underneath the oven’s interior.
  • Before you light up, make sure the gas is open so that the pilot can ignite in contact with fire.
  • Take a long handle lighter and hold it on the pilot while turning the gas knob to the pilot setting. Hold the knob for a few seconds. When you release the knob, there will be a little flame on the pilot until you turn the knob to the temperature setting.
  • After turning the knob from pilot setting to temp, the whole pilot will light up immediately.
  • Now you can adjust your required oven temperature using the temperature knob.

So, this is how you light up a Wedgewood vision oven.

How To Turn On The StoveTop Burner?

Every Wedgewood vision has a stove on top of the oven. This multifunctionality of an RV oven gave it the popularity it has today. But how do you light the stove of your range? It’s easy. Let’s see.

  • First of all, make sure the gas valve is on for an uninterrupted gas supply to the burner.
  • On the top, there may be multiple burners. Turn the knob, dedicated to the burner you want to lit up, counterclockwise while holding the lighter on the burner.
  • Hold the lighter until the burner ignites. If you have an electrical range, there will be a Sparkle knob that needs to be turned on clockwise until the stove fully ignites.

Troubleshooting Your Wedgewood Vision Oven

Sometimes you light the oven but the oven doesn’t heat up. Have you ever wondered why this can happen? If not, let us tell you why and how you can fix it. 

When you light the pilot, the flame stays low until you release the knob. After releasing the knob, the thermostat of the oven sends a signal to the pilot and the flame gets larger than heating up the oven. But sometimes when the thermostat is faulty the flame will stay low and won’t heat up the oven. In that case, you have to check the thermostat to fix or replace it.

On the other hand, sometimes the Wedgewood oven won’t heat up because of the faulty safety valve. In this case, the flame will get larger but the oven interface will stay cold. Therefore you will have to replace the safety valve, not the thermostat.

Why Won’t My Pilot Light Of Wedgewood Oven Stay Lit?

You light up the pilot but just after 10 seconds, it’s out. Does that seem crazy to you? But it has a sane solution. The reason might be a hundred for it but you need a solution. And in this case, HOLD THE PILOT KNOB FOR A WHILE is the only solution.

At first, the pilot may take time for the flame to stick properly. But when it does, hold the pilot button for 15-20 seconds. Within the time, the gas will come out and the pilot will heat up the thermocouple before it takes over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean A Wedgewood Vision Oven?

All the Wedgewood RV ovens do not have an auto-cleaning mode. Therefore, you have to clean it yourself.

  • Take out the tray off the oven and put it in water mixed with powerful detergent.
  • Sweep up all the spills and leftovers from inside the oven.
  • Take a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down the inside surface of the oven with a soft detergent.

Can I Light My Gas Oven Without an Ignitor?

It’s not possible because the gas is fully controlled by the safety valve. The ignitor must work properly if you want the gas out straight out of the safety valve. The ignitor is a round or rectangle-shaped device that is connected to the safety valve near the burner. If the ignitor is faulty or not working so does the safety valve which won’t allow you to light your gas oven without an ignitor.

Why Is My Wedgewood Oven’s Pilot Lighting Too Big?

If your pilot is producing bigger flames than usual and the burner works fine, nothing to worry about. Because it can be solved with just a small trick. Clean the pilot pipe from top to bottom with a wipe-out paper and VOILA! Your pilot will work fine. 

The flame gets bigger in the pilot because some dust or residue has built up inside of the tube that excites the flame. When you clean it, the pilot works well.


Lighting a Wedgewood oven should not seem so complex if you have operated an RV oven before. But if this is the first RV range you are dealing with, then you must know how you can ignite the pilot. Sometimes people can’t even locate the pilot for the first few times. In this article, we have briefly explained the process that you need. But always remember to keep the safety measures in mind.

Hope this write-up will help you operate your Wedgewood oven with utmost convenience.

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