Can You Manually Light a Gas Oven Without the Internal Igniter

In modern days, cooking appliances come with a lot of handy features. Electrical spark ignition, electrical power output, and even electric ovens.

But for gas ovens, it is still almost the same old story. But not that much old though.

See, back in the days, there used to be a flame ignitor in the ovens. It worked like a lighter giving it the fire to ignite, which used to light up itself with a spark. 

Can You Manually Light a Gas Oven

And before that, you had to use a thing called a fire gun or ignitor gun. And the occasional burns would make you brave and strong. 

Modern ovens come with electric ignitors that spark right after you a small amount of gas is released. Some even have a special ignitor button.

But what happens if they stop working? Can you manually light a gas oven when they fail the automatic ignition? We are going to find out in this article.

Can You Manually Light a Gas Oven? Yes! You Can with Just 4 Steps!

Gas ovens, come with a lot of cool features. Although they use gas as their main source of power, they also come with electrical components.

Like the keypad, digital dial, and everything else, they also have an electric ignition system. 

This works by creating a spark large enough to ignite the released gas in the oven.

But sometimes the ignitors run out of their spark, as they have limited firing capability. And you will be left stranded.

The good news is, that you can light up your oven manually. Yes, they still have that.

There is a hole under your oven racks. Right upon your oven’s gas burners, there is a hole, which is called a pilot hole.

Sometimes they will be marked and sometimes they won’t. But they serve the same purpose, manual ignition.

To light your oven up, you have to use an oven ignitor, candle lights, or a long match if you have any. 

Here are the steps to light up your gas oven manually

Step 1: Find the Pilot Hole

First, locate your pilot hole. It will usually be on the bottom part of your oven. 

Step 2: Clean the Hole

You need to clean the hole for any dirt and debris. Otherwise, it might catch on fire and spread like wildfire.

Step 3: Turn One on the Gas

Twist your oven burner knobs and set them to the medium gas flow settings. Not all ovens are the same, so you need to figure it out by looking at your knobs indicator.

Step 4: Light Your Gas Oven

Without wasting any time, fire up your oven using a fire gun, candle lights, or a long stick match. You will need to be at a safe distance from the oven while doing this. The oven door might come in handy. Do not keep your hand in the oven for too long. You will see your oven is turned on now.

What About Gas Ovens Without a Pilot Hole?

Some ovens don’t come with a pilot hole. And they only rely on the electric ignitor. If you have one of these, you don’t have any option left.

The best thing to do is call the professional and get the ignitor changed. If you try to do a DIY to light your oven, it might end up badly with you in the emergency room.

Worse, the whole house might explode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I light a gas oven by hand?

Yes, you can. If your gas oven has a pilot hole, which will be located on the bottom part on the inside of your oven, you can easily light your oven with your hand. Simply open the oven door, turn the gas on medium, and light the oven up using an ignitor gun, candle lighter, or even long stick matches from the pilot hole. Make sure you have enough protection and there is no gas leakage.

How do I manually ignite a gas oven?

To manually ignite a gas oven, you need to have a pilot hole in your oven. If your oven comes with a pilot hole, you can easily ignite it using an ignitor gun, candle lights, or a long stick match. Simply place the ignitor or the match in the pilot hole and at the same time turn on the gas to your oven. It will light up instantly. It is a quick process so do it smoothly as possible. If you cannot do it within one minute, turn off the gas knobs and try it later again.

Can I manually light a gas oven with electronic ignition?

With modern gas ovens, you cannot do it as there is no pilot hole in them. But if you have an older oven, and have a pilot hole, you can light it up with electronic ignition. Safety precautions should be taken and you should have enough ventilation in your kitchen to do this. 

How to light a gas oven without electricity?

Without electricity, you can light your gas oven by using a candle lighter or a long stick match. Check for the pilot hole in your oven and place the ignitor (candle lighter or long stick match) in it. Then turn on the gas to medium until it lights up. It should take a few seconds to light up. Do not let it be longer than a minute or your kitchen will turn into a gas bomb by releasing a lot of gas. If this happens, open all windows and doors and evacuate. 


There used to be a thrill in lighting up the gas oven. It gave a person a feeling of having the power to light up things. Also a self of self-accomplishment. But if you don’t have any idea or experience with lighting up your oven manually, we suggest you don’t do it by yourself. Especially if your oven manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. Not all ovens can be manually ignited as they have safety gas valves in them. The best thing to do is to replace the ignitor.

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