27 Vs 30 Inch Wall Oven | Are There any Differences?

No, there is no difference except in their size. Normally, an oven is a must in your household and sometimes we need a large oven for cooking for the whole family. But it’s not possible to have the necessary space available always. Hence you tend towards wall ovens. Because wall ovens are available in various sizes and are space-saving. Today, in this article, we will look into two of the most popular sizes available in the market, 27 and 30-inch wall ovens. 

27 Vs 30 Inch Wall Oven

Difference Between 27 And 30 Inch Wall Ovens

Now there are no differences between the 27 and 30-inch wall ovens. The only difference is their size. Rather than this, the ovens have up-to-date digital features, a screen display, the right height, an inbuilt cooling system, and a great look.

Furthermore, you can get a gas or electric oven, depending on your power supply in the kitchen and your choice. Again you can get a double-wall or single-wall oven. Though which oven you can get depends on the space available in your kitchen. Just like which oven you can get 27 inches or 30 inches depending on the free space in the kitchen.

The measurement of the wall ovens available in the market is 24, 27, 30, and 34 inches. Amongst them, 27 and 30 inches wall ovens are more popular. Moreover, the height, width, and capacity of the oven are proportionate to their size.

              Points   A 27 Inches Wall Oven  A 30 Inches Wall Oven
Capacity4-5 cubic feet5-6 cubic feet
Cabinet size (width)30-inch33-inch
Height of the cabinet41 inches 43 inches
Cutout measurement25-25.5 inches wide, 23.5-24 inches deep, 41-42 inches height28-29 inches wide, 23.5-24 inches deep, 41-43 inches height

The difference between a single-wall oven and a double-wall oven is just in the height, it’s more than 50 inches in double-wall ovens compared to single ones. The above table applies to single-wall ovens.

What Size Wall Oven Is Better? 27 or 30 Inches

Look, the answer depends on the requirements of your family. If you need a bigger one simply a 30-inch oven is better and vice versa. The size of an oven is important because the amount of food you’ll need to cook should fit in the oven. Again, the oven shouldn’t be too big as you need to cook for two, but your oven size is eight people. This would be a waste of place and energy which can be risky too.

In case you can manage to fit the 30-inch oven on your wall then you should get it. As it has more space and the price isn’t much higher.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is A 27 Wall Oven Big Enough?

The capacity of a 27-inch wall oven is 4 cubic feet whence for a 30-inch wall oven it’s 5 cubic feet. So there isn’t much difference in the space of the ovens. Thus if the oven is big enough is up to you to decide.

What Size Cabinet Do I Need For A 27-inch Wall Oven?

A simple rule to measure the cabinet size for a wall oven is to add 3 to the oven size. Therefore for a 27-inch oven, a 30-inch cabinet is required.

Can You Fit A Turkey In A 27-inch Oven?

Turkey is a popular item to cook and eat around various celebrations. But Turkey is a bird that can be of different sizes. If the turkey is about 23 pounds then 24 and 27 inches wall ovens are perfect for them.

What Is The Most Common Wall Oven Size?

The most common wall oven size is 30 inches and 27 inches. Because of this people get confused between them while getting a new wall oven. Still, it’s your choice which one you want to get and which will be convenient for you.


Wall ovens save space because they get set into a wall. For this reason, you can’t move around it or replace it easily. As a result, you need to make a good decision while deciding the size of the wall oven you want to get. If you can make room for a bigger oven then you can get the bigger one. Tho you need to make space without causing any discomfort.

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