How Do You Use A Belling Oven? All Functions Explained

Belling ovens have a rich history. Its origins date back to 1912 when the founder of the company started with only 150 pounds. Ovens with a rich history can be intimidating. We might fear not understanding how to use them. In this article, I will answer how to use a Belling oven, ranging from its power button function, temperature knob to preheating and timer button. 

How Do You Use A Belling Oven

What Functions Do The Belling Oven Have?

Before anything else, the Belling ovens should be known for the functions that make the oven what it is.

  1. Power button: As every electrical appliance comes with a power button, the Belling oven is no different in incorporating this function to make your oven experience super convenient!
  2. Temperature knob: An oven is generally supposed to work with high temperatures. But there is a varying amount of temperature for different foods. This is why this very useful temperature knob exists.
  3. Timer: Cooking and baking are very time-sensitive. It is important for the owners to be able to set the time for baking/cooking. A timer is installed in the Belling Oven to best track your favorite food as it cooks, bakes, and rises up!
  4. Display panel: It is important to be able to track the timing, so to make it easy, Belling ovens come with a display panel for the time! So it is not at all going to be a hassle to track how long you have left to eat and feed your favorite food!
  5. Function selector: Not only can a Belling oven bake, but it can also cook and bake food! A function selector is a quick and easy way to switch between cooking and grilling or baking, depending on what you are going to use your oven for!

How Do You Preheat The Belling Oven?

Preheating is so important to do well, but a lot of us neglect it. 

  1. Press the power button to turn on your Belling oven
  2. From the function selector, select your desired function (cooking, grilling or baking)
  3. Using the temperature knob, set the temperature to the appropriate degree.
  4. Your oven will soon reach the temperature you have set, and it will be preheated.

How Can You Use The Function Selector?

Cooking functions on the Belling oven are certainly holistic. It covers cooking, baking, grilling and even defrosting! So much to discover within an oven!

  1. Baking: Ovens are famously known for their baking function. What separates a stove from an oven is the baking feature. So when you want to make your child’s birthday cake or chocolate chip cookies for your mother, you can always opt for the Belling oven for its sensitivity to baking. It certainly comes with an oven rack!
  1. Grilling: Grilling is a meat-focused cooking style. The Belling oven makes it easy for users to grill chicken and meat. A great tip would be to position your grill equipment near your oven rack. It can result in crispier food, with the brown finish anyone is looking for.
  1. Convection: Yet another feature of the Belling oven is the fan oven function. This fan oven function distributes heat evenly. This is a great function if you would like to roast vegetables and meats, and even bake! There is circulating air that saves the time you would take had you cooked these dishes instead.
  1. Defrost: If you have meat at the bottom of your freezer, you know that it would be a hassle to thaw it. But with the Belling Oven’s Defrost feature, defrosting meat is as easy as it comes. 

How Do You Set The Timer?

  1. Press the Timer button.
  2. Use the + and – to adjust your desired timing.

Pro Tips

  • Belling ovens are a hazard warning for children under 8 years old. Please keep away from cleaning and maintenance by children as they do not have the mental capacity to be around the oven. 
  • Do not clean the oven glass with hard, abrasive cleaners. This can result in breaking the glass.
  • Use lower racks for roasting and higher racks for baking.
  • Do not overcrowd the oven by putting multiple dishes to cook, bake, grill, or defrost. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is fan-assisted baking in a Belling oven?

Fan-assisted banking in a Belling oven works as a fan that circulates hot air around the oven cavity. It provides a more even and efficient distribution of baking. 

Can you use oven-liners for the Belling oven?

To prevent any spill, you can use oven liners as long as you do not cover the heating elements


Well, I hope you are not afraid of Belling ovens anymore. With the right maintenance and proper steps, Belling ovens are a delight to use for baking, cooking, grilling, and defrosting. 

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