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If you want to give your food a delicate smoky smell with a bit of crunch on the top, you have to broil your item for a bit. The broiler is the heating element that is located on top of your oven for generating extreme heat. For food that requires high-heat cooking, broiling is the only option your oven gives you. 

Your oven may have two broil settings if you are lucky. Otherwise, in most cases, there is no option which means if you press the broil setting the oven will apply high heat at 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit on top of your food. But what’s the lowest temperature in a broiler? 

What Temp Is Low In A Broiler In An Oven

After going through this article you will know about the broil temperature setting and some tips to use your broiler in a perfect way to cook tastier food. Let’s explore.

The Low Temperature Of A Broiler In An Oven

Broiling is considered similar to grilling where the heat comes from the top of the oven. In most common cases, broiling and baking get mixed up. But while baking, 90 percent of the heat is applied from the bottom of the oven. The broiler balances the temperature inside of the oven and when the temperature meets the set temperature, the broiler automatically turns itself off.

If you have an oven range that gives you a low broil setting, that means the top heating element will exert 400 degrees Fahrenheit when you set low broil. Sometimes low broil may mean a temperature between 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit. But the highest or the general broil temperature for an oven that has one broil setting is between 500 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This low and high broil temperature may vary on different brands or oven ranges. Therefore don’t forget to check out the oven user manual for a better understanding of the appliances.

How Can You Use The Broiler Properly?

Broiling is the best option when you have to bring the food to the dinner table as quickly as possible. But for that, you must know how you can broil your food properly. Whether it’s a fish filet or thin-cut cricket steak, perfect broiling can bring the utmost delicacies to your dining table.

Prepare The Broiler

Before you put any food under the broiler, make sure you preheat your broiler. You can choose the preheat mode according to the food. If it’s a thinner cut chicken breast, set the broiler at high heat. On the contrary, for a thicker cut chicken breast that requires slow cooking, preheat the broiler at a low broil setting. A 5 minute preheating is a must.

Positioning The Food

Positioning is important while broiling. The broiler applies heat on the top of the food. Therefore, if you place a thick-cut chicken right beneath the broil heating element, the food will get burned on one side due to the extreme heat. That’s why positioning the dish in the oven is crucial for perfect broiling.

Keep An Eye On The Process

Keeping an eye on the food while broiling will basically protect the food from burning. The high heat from the broiler can easily burn the food if you keep the food inside more than is necessary. Sometimes, you will have to flip the dish to cook the other side. Therefore, if you get distracted your recipe will be ruined.

Why Does My Oven Have Broil Settings?

Ovens have different broil settings based on different brands. Some brands offer both high and low broil settings, on the other hand, some brands provide none. Whether to set low broil or high broil settings depends on the type of dish you are making.

The purpose of broiling is to apply extreme heat to the food to cook faster. The general temperature a dish under the broiler gets is 500-550 degrees F. Whether it’s chicken, meat, fish, or vegetables, a broiler can give a quick sear as a grill. The high heat of the broiler makes the preheating process faster. Balancing the temperature inside of the oven while the backing is also done by the broiler. Therefore, not having a broiler setting would be a problem, I think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Broiling Help The Dish To Be Cooked Faster?

Yes. It’s an obvious fact that broiling helps the dish to cook faster. When you turn on the broiler setting, extreme heat is applied to the dish from the top. And there is already a heating element at the bottom of the oven. That means your dish will be cooking on an upside-down grill. Therefore, your dish will be cooked a lot faster.

What Is The Perfect Temperature To Cook Salmon?

Fish, in general, should be cooked at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. But there is a rule of thumb for cooking salmon and that depends on the thickness of the fish. You will have to cook for 5 minutes per ½ inch. While broiling salmon, keeping your trust in a meat thermometer is the best way to know when the fish is done cooking.

Do I Need To Preheat The Broiler?

Obviously! A broiler may not be exactly like a grill. But preheating the broiler for at least 5 minutes is necessary. You need to at least make sure that it’s ready to cook.


The broiler is an important element of your oven. It helps you to cook food faster, and tastier. But if you don’t know how to use the broiler, the consequences will be quite opposite of what you have expected. So make sure you have a good grasp on the broil setting and its temperature. Hope this article will be a good help to understand your broiler and usage of it in a proper manner.

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