Can You Stop Self Cleaning Oven Early | 3 FAQs Answered

If you have ever used an old-day oven, you will know how hard it is to deal with it. It didn’t have any automatic functions like modern-day ovens. Even the heating process sometimes got messed up.

And let’s not talk about the cleaning routine. It was a full-on nightmare. Still today, the ovens that don’t have a self-cleaning function mean a lot of work to do. 

You use a vacuum, then the homemade solution, scrub scrub, again solution, then the oven cleaner, and still after that there will be grease on the oven floor.

But with self-cleaning, everything is done by the oven itself. It burns the grease and food crumbs by itself. All you have to do is remove the ashes that are left behind.

Can You Stop Self Cleaning Oven Early

Although it is a great function, sometimes it is not the appropriate thing to use. As it exceeds the normal heat limit of the oven, it tends to compromise oven parts.

So can you stop self-cleaning oven early by any chance? We are going to discuss that in this article.

Can You Stop Self Cleaning Oven Early and Not Harm the Oven

Sometimes you accidentally press your self-cleaning function on your oven. And other times it can be intentional but you don’t want to harm your oven with the excessive heat. So can you stop the self-cleaning oven early? Yes, you can. Simply press the cancel button from your keypad and your self-cleaning will turn off. There is no harm in canceling it midway. 

How Do Self Cleaning Functions Work in an Oven

The self-cleaning option is an amazing way to get around the grease and crumb buildup in your oven. Simply press a button and the oven does it all by itself.

It generates heat that goes above the cooking temperatures. Burning every bit of grease, fat, and all food residue inside the oven. Some ovens have two options, one is low heat and the other one is a high heat option.

Nevertheless, the function works the same way. Without any cleaning fluid or other function, it just burns down everything to ash. 

You will have to just take out the left ash and you are done cleaning your oven.

How to Turn off Self Cleaning Oven Frigidaire

As the self-cleaning option does wonder, it also jeopardizes the components of the oven. The thermostat, light, ignition system, and even the electrical system start feeling the wrath of the oven.

Normally a home oven goes up to 550 degrees for cooking and baking. But when in the self-cleaning mode, it goes up to 770-810 depending on the model. Which is a lot for any oven.

This not only burns down grease and crumbs but also might cause a fire. Which nobody wants. That is why it is suggested not to leave an oven in self-cleaning mode unattended.

Also, the components tend to absorb the heat. They are built to withstand the normal oven heat. But continuous use of the self-cleaning option might harm them and you will have to replace them often.

So instead of going with self-cleaning, experts suggest going with the elbow grease. Just use a homemade cleaning solution or an oven cleaner. And do a thorough cleaning every month to keep your oven nice and tidy. 

If you even accidentally press the self-cleaning option, simply pressing cancel can turn it off. Though you won’t be able to open the oven door right away, and you shouldn’t due to the excessive heat inside, you will after it has come down to tolerable temperature after 30 minutes to 2 hours.

You can also turn off the main power of your oven from the outlet and turn off the self-cleaning function. Either way, the outcome is the same, and it won’t harm the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you stop a self-cleaning oven early?

Apart from the self-cleaning option turning off, nothing else happens if you stop a self-cleaning oven early. It doesn’t compromise your oven in any way. Nor does it harm it. Maybe your oven wont be clean and the grease and oil won’t turn into ash, and you will have to clean it yourself, later on, other than that, it is perfectly fine to stop your self-cleaning oven early.

Can you turn off self-clean early?

Yes. By simply pressing the cancel button you can end the self-cleaning cycle of your oven. Never leave the oven unattended when it is in self-cleaning mode. It is a potential fire hazard and can bring down your house. Also, you can turn off your self-cleaning option by cutting the power of your oven from the outlet.

How long should a self-cleaning oven stay on? 

The self-cleaning mode of your oven is automatic. And depending on the brand, it will take different times to clean your oven thoroughly. There are even two modes of self-cleaning, the Pyrolytic and Catalytic modes.

In Pyrolytic mode, the oven reaches high temperatures and burns everything to ash. It takes somewhere between 2 to 6 hours for the oven to self-clean in this mode depending on your model. And in Catalytic mode, the oven just loosens the grease. It doesn’t take as long as Pyrolytic mode.


The self-cleaning mode of your oven cuts down the time of cleaning it by a ton. The end results are also amazing as it burns down all the oil, grease, and other nasty stuff in your oven. But using it frequently will bring down the lifespan of your oven. And you might even have to change some components from time to time which comes with a bit of cost. So better use the self-cleaning function occasionally and do the cleaning yourself.

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