How To Measure A Wall Oven For Replacement (Step By Step Guide)

We all appreciate our wall ovens, especially if we’re passionate about cooking, baking, or roasting. However, just like any material possession, there comes a time when we must bid our trusty oven farewell, a mix of emotions that’s both joyful and bittersweet.

Swapping out a wall oven may not be as exhilarating as experimenting with a new recipe, but it’s an inevitable task. To ensure this process runs smoothly, meticulous measurements and planning are a must. Measuring the oven’s dimensions involves taking measurements from both the exterior and interior by carefully removing the oven door and gently sliding it out of its wall enclosure.

We understand that it may seem a tad perplexing, which is why we’re here to walk you through the process step by step.

how to measure a wall oven for replacement

Measuring a wall oven for replacement 

Before you start to replace your old wall oven with a new one, you need to take some measurements. And with the already existing wall oven, it’s a bit hard and confusing. This is why we have come up with the following steps like a pro to guide you through it. 

Before you start, you will need some equipment. Here is a list of tools you should gather before you start measuring the replacement area. 

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Replacement note pad

Note: Before you even start measuring out the oven, make sure to turn off the circuit breaker of your home. If the oven has a gas line, you should turn it off too. 

Now that you have your tools, let’s start measuring. 

Step 1: Measure the Exterior of the Oven

The first thing you have to do is take the outer measurement of the wall oven. Without it you won’t get the perfect fit on the new replacement. Here is how you do it. 

  • Measure the height and width of your current wall oven. Do it from the front without pulling the oven out or anything. 
  • Note these measurements on your notepad.
  • Open the oven door and locate the screws in the frame securing the oven to the cabinet.
  • Use your screwdriver to remove each screw.
  • If there are any trim pieces, remove them carefully to avoid damaging your cabinetry.

Step 2: Measure Cabinet Cutout Dimensions

When the outside is measured out, now move on to the inside of the oven and wall measurement. You will need to be a bit cautious at this stage as you are pulling the oven out of the cabinet a bit. 

  • Gently pull the oven forward by about 1 – 2 inches without tugging on the oven door. Be cautious, as ovens can be heavy. Do not pull it more than a couple of inches for safety.
  • Measure the distance across the top and bottom of the oven from the left and right edges of the cabinet cutout.
  • Note these measurements on your notepad.
  • Measure the distance along each side of the oven, from the top to the bottom edge of the cabinet cutout.
  • Note these measurements on the note sheet.
  • If possible, measure the depth of the cabinet cutout from the front edge to the back wall. But do not try to pull out the oven any further as it might fall onto you. 

Step 3: Put Everything Back

After you are done with the measurements, put everything back together. Start with the steps backward as we described below. 

  • Carefully push the oven back firmly against the cabinet.
  • Reinstall the screws in the frame to secure the oven to the cabinet.
  • Turn the oven’s power back on at the circuit breaker.

You’ve now successfully measured your current wall oven and cabinet cutout, ensuring you’re ready to shop for a new wall oven that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size my wall oven is?

You have to measure out your oven to know what size it is. Simply open the oven door and measure its width and height in inches. You will also need to measure it from the outside when the door is closed. This will give you the basic dimensions and size of your oven.

Is there a standard size for wall ovens?

Although there isn’t any standard size for wall ovens, the most common size available in the market is 24 inches and 30 inches. The height of these ovens ranges from 28 to 30 inches. You can also get custom ovens for your space if it is not usual. 

How do I know what size built-in oven to buy?

To know what size built-in oven you have to buy, you need to measure out the wall space. Start by measuring the height, width, and depth of the space. Note this measurement down and take it with you when you are buying the oven. Get the one that fits perfectly as wall ovens are made mostly the same size as the cutouts.

Are all 30-inch wall ovens the same size?

Nope, not all 30-inch wall ovens share identical dimensions. While they all have the same width, the height and depth can differ from one brand to another. Different models even within the same width category may have unique heights and depths tailored to consumers’ varying needs. So, it’s crucial always to measure your wall space for width, height, and depth to ensure a precise fit.


Swapping out a wall oven might not spark culinary excitement, but it’s an essential task. The key to success lies in precise measurements. Wall ovens don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package; sizes can vary widely. Therefore, always take the time to measure your existing oven and the available space. Armed with these measurements, you’ll confidently navigate the replacement process and keep your kitchen operating smoothly.

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