How Do You Cover Oven Gas Knobs For Child Safety? Child Safety Solutions

Children are the best gift to our never-ending depressing and adult life. While everything seems dark and gloomy, a simple smile from them can light up our entire day. And we forget everything that has happened wrong with us.

As far as children go, they are little humans who don’t understand danger or any potential harm. Everything is innocent and playful to them. Especially if the thing can be twisted and turned. For instance the gas knobs. Children are attracted to it like wildfire and can cause serious harm to themselves.

So how do you cover oven gas knobs for child safety? There are dedicated knob covers that you can buy and use them to cover the knobs. There is also a heavy-duty oven lock that not only locks the oven but also the knobs as well with a combination lock. 

And we are going to talk about both of them.

How Do You Cover Oven Gas Knobs For Child Safety

Locking Your Oven Gas Knobs For Child Safety | 2 Effective Locks

We have gathered the 2 effective ways to lock your gas knobs. They are not only effective but also easy to install, find, and use. So here they are.

  1. Stove Knob Covers (Pvc & Silicone)

The first stove knob mechanism is the Stove knob cover that you will find in Walmart, Home Depot, and even on online. They are made of either PVC or silicone. 

For the silicone ones, you can just push them in place and they will be secured. And the plastic ones come in 3 parts.

The bottom part is detachable in 2 parts, which you use to install it over each individual stove knob. Then you lock it using the safety mechanism that needs to be accessed only by pushing on both sides of it. Which is not at all possible for a child. 


They are easy, inexpensive, and are life savers. You can buy them in pairs or even in a batch of 6. The one thing you have to keep in mind is the size of the covers. As not all stove knobs are the same, you will have to order or get the right diameter ones.

  1. Oven Door Locks

Another thing that you have to lock right after the stove knobs is the oven door. There are countless terrifying stories of toddlers getting the oven turned on or even opening them while they are working. 

This is why there are special locks for the oven doors. It’s kind of like the lock on your travel bag or suitcase. You have to press down on both sides of the lock to release it. And only then the oven door can be opened. 


They are heatproof and you can find them in 3M adhesive installation and screw installation options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you child proof a gas oven?

You will have to go all earthquake-proof on the gas oven to make it childproof. Install oven locks, stove knob covers, and stove guards, and make sure they are secured to the wall. This will make it childproof in every way. 

How do you child proof a large oven knob?

You will find oven knob covers of all sizes online and also in home depot or DIY stores. Make sure to take the exact measurements before buying them. 

What are knob covers?

Knob covers are PVC or silicone cases that cover the knobs and restrict them from turning accidentally. 


Having a child in your home requires a lot of safety. Not only are the electrical appliances and glass plates dangerous, but the within-reach stoves and ovens are too. Placing these locks will not only ensure their safety but also put your mind at ease. So make the effort to buy some of them. 

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