How to Remove GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven | All You Need is a Wrench and a Screwdriver

Microwaves from GE’s Spacemaker line are widely used in kitchens. Sometimes, like all electronics, might malfunction or become obsolete, necessitating their replacement. Now the question arises, how to remove GE Spacemaker microwave oven properly? Well, a GE Spacemaker microwave is quite simple to remove. 

All you need is a wrench, a screwdriver, and an assistant. While you unscrew the bolts, have the other person hold the microwave. After removing the bolts, you may lift the oven away from the brackets. The brackets may then be removed from the wall. Continue reading for a more detailed explanation of the procedure.

How to Remove GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven

How to Remove GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven

A GE Spacemaker microwave oven can be simply removed by most homeowners with a few easy steps. During the procedure, you will need assistance since the ovens from GE Spacemaker can be rather hefty. The oven’s placement above your range might make it difficult to handle it and remove the mounting nuts.

To avoid damage or mishaps when removing or reinstalling a GE Spacemaker microwave oven, you’ll have to work with some additional precautions. Please follow the instructions properly to remove your GE Spacemaker oven safely.

Disconnect Spacemaker Microwave Oven

The majority of GE Spacemaker microwave ovens are powered via an outlet in the cabinet above the oven. Locate the cabinet outlet and unhook the microwave cord from the outlet. In rare circumstances, the cord may be hard-wired in the cabinet’s electrical box.

To disconnect the cables securely, turn off the power to the electrical box. This may be done at the circuit breaker box where the electrical power enters your home. Once you’ve located the circuit breaker that supplies your microwave oven, turn it off. Don’t hurry to loosen and pull the wire nuts apart right away. 

Try turning on the microwave. If the microwave does not turn on after you switch off the circuit breaker, you can start unwiring the connection. If the microwave turns on, you haven’t flipped the proper breaker. Continue to attempt until your microwave does not turn on when you click the button.

Check for Roof Vent

Some GE Spacemaker microwave ovens include a vent that runs through the ceiling, transporting air up and out of the home. Before you do anything else, disconnect the vent pipe from the adapter on the GE Spacemaker oven.

The vent pipe can be clamped or fastened to the adaptor using a sheet metal screw. Loosen the vent pipe gently once you’ve determined how to remove it. Verify that the vent pipe can be supported; otherwise, it may slip and get detached in that attic area.

Sometimes the vent might spin around and escape the home through the kitchen wall. The procedure for dismounting is the same as for disconnecting a roof-mounted vent pipe.

Unbolt the Microwave

After the power and vent pipes are disconnected, go to the next step to remove the GE Spacemaker microwave oven from the upper cabinet. It is too hard to hold the oven and unbolt the oven on your own safely. Save yourself time and money by hiring someone to assist you at this point.

Let your assistant aid you in holding the microwave from the bottom. Unscrew the bolts that go through the cabinet’s bottom and engage the microwave frame from the top. Filler blocks may be inserted in the GE Spacemaker microwave oven to properly distance the oven from the cabinet.

These filler blocks may not be fastened and may fall out when the bolt is loosened. We recommend that you use a towel or a moving blanket to protect the top of your range. Even if an accident occurs, covering the top of the stove with a towel or moving blanket can help protect it.

Get Free of the Mounting Bracket 

Now you must remove the GE Spacesaver microwave oven from the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket holds the rear edge of the microwave while you or your assistant supports the front. First, lower the microwave’s front edge a bit. 

Next, you and your assistance may elevate the back of the GE Spacemaker oven and release the mounting bracket using the front edge of the microwave. Before attempting to move the microwave away from the kitchen wall, make sure the electric cord is fed down through the bottom of the cabinet.

Remove the Mounting Bracket

Set your GE Spacemaker microwave oven to one side and away from the counter. It is now time to focus on the mounting bracket that is mounted to the wall. Get help in holding the bracket as you loosen the mounting nuts. 4 screws hold the bracket. 

Remove the bracket once all four screws have been removed. Part of the mounting bolt may fall into the wall. Don’t be startled if the bolt toggles and falls through the wall. With these easy steps, you can remove your GE Spacemaker microwave oven.

How Do You Remove a Built-in GE Microwave?

Use a step ladder to examine where the two or three screws driven through the bottom of the cabinet into the top of the microwave are located. Using a drill or screwdriver, remove all of these screws. The microwave’s front will sag slightly, but its weight will be supported by the rear wall panel.

Lift the microwave up slightly and toward you with one or both arms until it is no longer trapped by the lip of the wall panel. Because you are now bearing the whole weight of the microwave, place it lightly on the counter. Make sure that the rope does not become entangled as it feeds out of the cabinet hole.

How Do You Remove a GE Microwave From the Wall?

Removing a GE microwave from the wall is quite simple, take all the precautions, and unbolt the oven. Grab the oven from the bottom from each side and then let it tilt out slightly. Then lift up, pull out and the microwave will come loose from the wall bracket. 

How do I Remove GE Spacemaker XL? 

GE Spacemaker XL is different in size than other models of microwave ovens from the same brand. To remove the GE Spacemaker XL microwave, you have to disconnect the oven, check the roof vent, loosen the screw, and remove the mounting bracket just like removing other ovens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GE still make Spacemaker microwaves?

No, unfortunately, you won’t find any new Spacemaker ovens as GE has discontinued making the Spacemaker microwaves.

How do you reset a GE microwave?

Just press the Off/Clear button to cancel anything on display and your GE microwave will reset.

How do I Remove a GE Spacemaker Microwave?

Removing a GE Spacemaker microwave oven is not complicated. Just follow the steps described in the previous section properly and you will be satisfied.

Final Statement

Learning how to remove GE Spacemaker microwave ovens is easy. Just make sure to take precautions so that the oven doesn’t get damaged or no accident happens. For example, once you’ve taken out the oven, you should tape the outlet to keep it safe for children.

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