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Aluminum foils are our ultimate savior. Not only do we use them to wrap our leftover foods, but also use them in the oven to retain the moisture in our cooked dishes.

Without using a foil, our rack of ribs would go desert dry. And let’s not talk about how it helps in keeping the inside of the oven clean every time.

As it works as a wrapper for our food in the oven, it can also help us with catching food debris and grease. And sometimes, we forget to remove them in time from the oven floor. And they get stuck.

How to Get Melted Foil off Bottom of Oven

Modern-day ovens have a burner at the bottom, which heats up more than the foils melting point. This leads them to stick to the oven floor which doesn’t come off easily.

So how to get melted foil off the bottom of oven easily? We are going to talk about that in this article. 

How to Get Melted Foil off Bottom of Oven in 3 Simple Ways

Melted foil are tricky little things to get rid of. You cannot rub the bottom of your oven with a metal brush, it will compromise it. But you have to get rid of the foil somehow.

To help you with this tricky sticky situation, we have come up with 3 simple methods. They are not only efficient but also will kick the hell out of the foils in no time.

The 3 methods that you can try to remove melted foil from the bottom of your oven are

  1. The homemade DIY steam method
  2. Using the friendly oven cleaner
  3. The naval jelly treatment

1. The Homemade DIY Vinegar Baking Soda Mixture and Steam Therapy

You might be familiar with this method. Our great grandparents have used it a million times before in cleaning the oven, kitchen, or any sticky surface.

To do that, you have to mix a combination of baking soda and vinegar. We don’t want a liquid base but a paste consistency. So add your vinegar slowly.

When the vinegar will come in contact with the baking soda, it will bubble up in reaction, which you don’t need to worry about. 

Apply the paste to your oven bottom generously and leave it overnight. In the morning wipe off all the paste. 

You will find some of the foil is still on the bottom. Now comes the fun part. Use a cotton kitchen towel and soak it in water.

Place the towel on the foil-infested oven bottom and turn it on to 200 degrees. Close the door and let it run for about half an hour. Then turn it off and let it cool down.

After that, you will find all the foil is loosened up. Take them out and you will have a clean oven bottom again.

Try this DIY vinegar and baking soda mixture with steam therapy!

Note: Do not apply vinegar directly to the oven bottom. As it is acidic, it will rust the metal. That is why baking soda is used to minimize the acidic effect.

2. Using the Friendly Oven Cleaner

Having an oven cleaner always pays off. They can take off the hardest of greases in your oven in no time.

As it comes with a lot of chemicals, it can even cut through aluminum. And this can be used if you have foils melted on the bottom of your oven.

Simply spray some oven cleaner on the bottom of your oven when it is at normal temperature. And let it sit for about 20 minutes. 

Then wipe out the foils. You might need to rub with a brush to take the ones that don’t let go easily. Repeat the process if needed.

If you do not have any of the equipment or missing a few, the online store is one tap away.

Note: Oven cleaners have hazardous chemicals inside them. So it is wise to wear gloves and masks when you are working with it. Also, have well ventilation in the kitchen at the time of applying the cleaner.

3. The Naval Jelly Treatment

Another chemical cleaning wonder would be the naval jelly. It is mostly used to take off the rust from steel or to treat discoloration on them. So you know you are dealing with a hulk-like substance.

You will need to work on a cooled-down oven with naval jelly. Put on safety gear like gloves and masks. 

Then apply the jelly throughout the bottom part of your oven. Especially where the foils are stuck.

Leave it to work for 24 hours. Yes, it takes a bit of time to work its magic.

After that, clean the jelly with cotton towels. And scrape off any excess foil. We don’t suggest any sharp objects in the oven. Rather use a plastic spatula or hard plastic brush.

You can apply more if you want. Transform your oven with Naval Jelly Treatment!

Note: As naval jelly can take off any color, remember not to put it on any colored surface of your oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the stuck foil off the bottom of an oven?

To get the stuck foil off from the bottom of your oven, you can either use an oven cleaner or naval jelly. They work in the same way as other chemicals do. You should always wear safety gear before using them. And if you don’t want to use chemicals, you can do the old baking soda and vinegar paste trick. Leave it overnight and clean it off in the morning. A bit of hard bristle brush can also come in handy instead of something sharp.

Can I still use my oven with melted aluminum foil?

Yes, you can still use your oven with melted aluminum foil in it. But it might turn into a fire hazard with time. So better clean them out before you use the oven. It doesn’t take much time to clean melted foil if you use the necessary tools and agents.

How do you dissolve aluminum foil?

You can use vinegar to dissolve aluminum foil. As vinegar is harmless to human contact and also consumed as a condiment, you can use it rather than other acids. But if you want to dissolve aluminum foil inside the oven, the best is to mix the vinegar with some baking soda. Otherwise, it might cause rust in your oven.

How do I get the burnt aluminum foil off my stove?

To get off the burnt aluminum foil from your stove, you can use the same trick as getting it off the oven. Simply use oven cleaner or naval jelly to remove the burnt aluminum. Remember to have plenty of ventilation in the area and wear safety equipment when using these chemicals. 


Getting melted foils stuck on the bottom of your oven is some nasty business. They don’t come off easily no matter how much you scrape or poke. The best way to deal with it is using chemical agents like the oven cleaner, naval jelly, or our all-natural baking soda and vinegar mixture. Remember to have enough ventilation while you are using any of those substances. You don’t want to inhale toxic fume from them and compromise your health. Additionally, clean the oven with soap and water after using those cleaners for better measure. 

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