Is Corelle Oven Safe? Answered! 

Yes, all the Corelle glassware, dishware, dinnerware, cookware, and bakeware are oven safe. The Corelle brand is highly used in households for the safety it provides, even from breaking. Besides according to them, Corelle is made of Vitrelle glass tempered by two types of glass in three layers. Yet they are lightweight and have heat endurance till 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Corelle Oven Safe

Is Corelle Products Oven Safe? Yes!

If you use the Corelle brand’s utensils following the manufacturer’s instructions, then it’s safe to use in an oven. The instructions are about cleaning and avoiding sudden temperature changes. In addition, the plates are thin, durable, easy to clean, and good for daily use. But you can’t clean them with harsh cleaners, as cleaning them mildly is enough. While drying you should use soft fabric too.

The Corelle products are safe to use in the oven and can endure 350 degrees F temperature. But this doesn’t mean they can survive any temperature changes. Sudden changes in temperature or moving the plates from one temperature to another is forbidden. Also, don’t put Corelle in the broiler or stovetop. Therefore, the Corelle dish should be at room temp before putting it into an oven.

Corelle is Microwave Safe Too!

Corelle is also microwave oven safe. It is famous for its not easily breakable or damageable quality. But if your Corelle plate or bowl has a crack then you can’t microwave it. As it can shatter the dish with high heat. Though Corelle is microwave friendly and can be reheated too.

Again, you’ve to use a dish that’s proportional to the quantity of the food you want to heat. Because microwaving large or empty dishes is risky. A little negligence of yours while microwaving food in a Corelle dish can lead to cracking or shattering the dish.

Is Corelle Toaster Oven Safe?

No, Corelle isn’t toaster oven-safe. But it’s safe to go in a pre-heated conventional oven, convection oven, air-fryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer under the temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Toaster ovens work at high temperatures and are risk-prone, that’s why it’s recommended to avoid using them.

Is it Stove Safe?

It is not recommended by manufacturers to use Corelle or Corningware on a stovetop. However, they are safe to use in any type of oven under 176 degrees Celsius, as they don’t heat the dish suddenly unlike a stove or broiler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s The Safe Temperature For Corelle Dishes?

The maximum temperature a Corelle dish can tolerate is 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 degrees Celsius. So the safe temperature for a Corelle dish is below 350 degrees F. Hence, you can never reach this temperature while using the dishes.

How To Know If A Corelle Dish Is Oven Proof Or Not?

To know if the dish is oven-proof or not, check the bottom of the dish. You’ll see an oven-safe sign but if you can’t find it then look food the package of the dish. The package should have all details about the dish. Or else you can check the website of the Corelle to dish for knowing if it’s oven safe.


It is safe to heat and reheat your food before serving it in a Corelle dish. However, you have to maintain the rules of using it thoroughly. Always make sure to not use metal utensils with Corelle or any other porcelain or ceramic dishes. Because metal can leave marks on the beautiful designs of the dish. Still, Corelle is user friendly than the others.

The Corelle is not only lightweight but also has appealing artistic work which makes it perfect for serving. For this, it’s normal to get heated before serving the food. Even so, you should not cook in the Corelle dishes. Because for cooking high temperature is needed for a long time. Thus chefs avoid these for cooking as they can ruin the designs and also crack the dish.

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