How to Unlock a Panasonic Microwave Oven? Simple Guide

Whenever you have to consider the top brands that manufacture quality microwave ovens, you can’t leave out Panasonic. Panasonic offers a wide range of products including microwave ovens. They’re pretty demandable and have a large user base worldwide. They often come with some special features and the child safety lock is one of them. This lock is for preventing the children from unintended use. 

Now, if you don’t know how to unlock a Panasonic Microwave oven, things can be problematic when you’re alone at home and need to use it urgently. Luckily, the unlocking process is pretty simple. You just need to make use of the START and STOP buttons.

How to Unlock a Panasonic Microwave

How Do You Unlock a Panasonic Microwave? 

The unlocking procedures for most Panasonic Microwave ovens are nearly the same. This is why we’re going to provide both procedures so that you don’t have to face any hassle at all regarding the child safety lock. Keep in mind that, the exact procedure of unlocking varies for specific models. But the main process is the same. So, without any further ado, let’s get into them –

Unlocking Procedure

The procedure is almost the same as the locking procedure. Here, the only exception is the button you’ve to press. That means you need to press the Stop / Reset button 3 times in a row. After that, you’ll hear a tone/beep, but this time it’s indicating the oven is unlocked. In this case, the LOCK or the key symbol will disappear from the display, and time / real-time will reappear. 

Bonus Tips: Locking Procedure

To lock a Panasonic microwave oven, press the Start button 3 times in a row. Then you’ll hear a tone/beep indicating the oven is locked. You’ll notice the time / real-time disappears from the display and LOCK or a key symbol appears instead. 

Relevant Questions

Do Panasonic microwaves have a reset button?

Yes, most Panasonic microwaves have a reset button. It’s usually located on the control panel, either on the side or near the door of the unit. The reset button most likely be labeled Reset or Stop.

Why is my Panasonic microwave not heating up?

It can be due to various reasons. However, it has been found that the most possible cause behind this issue is the magnetron becomes defective. If the magnetron in your oven burns out, it won’t be able to generate microwave or heat. 

Final Statement 

That’s all about the locking and unlocking procedures of the Panasonic microwaves. Even if your concern is about unlocking the Panasonic oven, it’s highly related to the locking procedure. Therefore, we’ve shared both procedures to make things more convenient for you. We hope you understand the entire concept. But still, if you have further queries or any confusion, mention that in the comment box. 

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