How To Use A Gas Oven For The First Time (4 Simple Steps)

Getting a new gas oven is very exciting and you might want to test it by cooking something right away. Though sadly you can’t cook in it right after buying it. A new gas oven needs burning before being used to cook. The seller should instruct you about how to “burn in” the oven to get rid of chemical substances.

How To Use A Gas Oven For The First Time

How To Use A Gas Oven For The First Time

Burning a new oven is necessary to not get toxins in your food. But there is a process to doing it precisely. And there are several steps before burning the gas oven.

Step 1

When you get the oven in your hand inspect the oven thoroughly. If anything seems not okay while inspecting return and change it.

Step 2

After this you need to set up the oven, you may not be able to do it by yourself. Call on experts to set the gas oven at a suitable place in your kitchen. Then find the manual and read it attentively. It can be boring to read but you’ll have knowledge about all the things in the oven. Don’t throw away the manual, keep it for those in need. If you’re unable to read the manual then find the manufacturer’s video and watch it.

Step 3

Now before burning the oven make sure all the packaging is removed. Next, you need to wipe off all the parts of the oven with a damp cloth. You should damp the in warm soapy water, as this will help to clean the oven surface. Hence it’s ready to be burned.

Step 4

Later you have to keep it in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can’t cook anything in the oven during this time. The oven can spread a foul smell due to this session, so you should keep all the windows and doors open in the kitchen at that time. You can turn on the fan too while burning. Also, you shouldn’t start cooking just after burning the oven.

The purpose of burning the oven is to get rid of chemical odors and substances to be safe. That’s why cooking while the burning process or just after it can prove dangerous. Because the chemicals can get in the food and make you sick if you eat it. Therefore you should wait one or two hours after burning the oven before cooking.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Safely Use A Gas Oven After Burning?

You should wait for at least half an hour before starting to cook after burning. During this time keep air flowing in the oven area. Later, while cooking never leave the oven unattended or a child there unsupervised. Also, you need to keep the oven clean from grease and fat as they’ll heat up every time you cook with them. This can lead to unwanted hazardous incidents.

Can You Cook In A New Gas Oven Right Away?

No, you can’t cook in a new gas oven just after buying it. You’ll need at least three hours before cooking in the oven. Because you have to set up, remove the package, and “burn in” the oven which will take about three hours. For, following these steps are a must before cooking in a new oven.


Not only a gas oven almost all the electronics need to be prepped before use for the first time. Because at the time of being built, they go through various types of chemical compression. They also go through testing and in this process they can become a bit toxic. The manufacturers try to keep the hazards minimal, but they are like necessary devils. So to be completely safe everyone should follow the basic process.

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