How to Adjust Air Shutter on Gas Oven?

An air adjustment shutter is a common thing that you can have in all oven burners. It is an essential element of an oven. The significant purpose of the air shutter is to regulate the flow of ovens’ air to the flames. However, the properly adjusted flames of the oven shouldn’t burn to extend past the edge of your burner baffles. Moreover, the oven’s flame must burn steadily with approximately one inch of the blue cone.  

However, if the air shutter of your gas oven gives you trouble, you need to adjust this. Again, the fact is that if you want to change the air shutter yourself, it is possible, but you have to know the proper way to fix it. I’m here to inform you how to adjust the air shutter on a gas oven. 

How to Adjust Air Shutter on Gas Oven

What is the Best Way to Adjust the Air Shutter on a Gas Oven?

Though the manufacturer company preset the air shutter of your gas oven sometimes, problems may arise. So, you need to adjust the air shutter of your gas oven. It is crucial to check the air shutter regularly to figure out any hidden complexion on it. If you feel any problem don’t delay in adjusting it. Besides, it is quite simple to check and adjunct an air shutter of a gas oven. 

So, let’s check the air shutter properly before starting the main task. 

To check the air shutter, you need to open the door of your gas oven. Then, remove your oven racks and the oven floor. After pressing the BAKE pad, you need to press the START pad carefully. Once your oven has been lit, you can visually check the flames coming out of your oven’s upper and lower burners. If it requires any adjustment, properly adjust your air adjustment shutters. 

Since you can have the air shutters at the vase of the burner manifolds near your back oven wall, you must loosen the locking screw to adjust the shutter. After losing the locking screw, rotate the shutter towards the open or close direction as required. 

However, if the flames lift off the burner ports, you must reduce the air shutter opening until the flames became stabilize. But if the flames are too large or too yellow, you must increase the air shutter opening until the flames become approximately one-inch blue cone. 

Moreover, the flames will burn with no yellow tipping when you set up the range for natural gas. But remember that a small yellow tip at the edge of your oven’s cones is normal when you set up the range for LP gas. However, when the flames get adjusted appropriately, you can shut off your gas oven. So, retighten the locking screws of the oven and replace the bottom and racks of your gas oven. At the last stage, close the oven door properly. 

How to Adjust the Valves on a Gas Oven?

In a gas oven, the valves are a crucial part. Sometimes the valves of your gas stove or oven can face problems. So, you need to find out the exact issue behind the problem and immediately repair the problem. However, you can call an expert to adjust the valves, or it is possible to adjust them yourself. 

If there is no previous experience in changing the valves of the gas oven, you need to ask the help of someone expert. Here I’m providing a video link that can properly guide you to adjust the valves of the gas oven or gas stove. I hope this video will make your task straightforward.

Cautions: It is essential to take a step to avoid the issue with the burned bottom. So, you must try moving the trays one rack higher in your gas oven to put some more distance between your oven’s heating element and the food. If you only have dark metal pans, you should try this to stop food burning on the bottom of the gas oven. 

In addition, it is also possible to try reducing your oven temperature by 25 degrees F. It is crucial when you have finished the first half of your baking.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal Thing to Feel Air Coming from an Oven?

Yes, it is common to feel air coming from an oven because many ovens include fans in the space above them. However, the fan above your oven stays where the controls are located to keep your oven cool when you open it. Again, the fan of the oven generally vents above the door. Moreover, the fan reduces the warm air while your oven runs. 

Why Are the Gas Oven Flames Too High?

The flames of a gas oven can be uneven or too high due to the imperfect cooktop or range of the oven. Sometimes, you convert the cooktop or the range improperly from natural gas to Liquid propane use. Then the problem arises. 

Is It Okay to Smell the Gas While Running My Oven?

Sometimes you can detect an unusual odor coming from the rage after starting the oven. Don’t worry. Yes, it is common to smell gas when you run your oven on. However, the combustion of gas at the burner of your oven causes the odor. But it goes away within a few minutes as you heat your oven. 

How Can I Stop My Gas Ovens from Smoking Black?

It is a regular thing to get pots black in the gas oven. But there is an exclusive solution to stop the gas ovens from smoking black. However, you need to adjust the air intake valve on the gas oven until you see only a blue flame. By intaking the valves on the gas oven, you can fix the problem very easily. 

What Could Cause My Gas Oven to Explode?

Various reasons could cause your gas oven to explode. I am sharing a few significant reasons for a gas explosion. However, improperly using the appliance, stove, or gas furnace can cause gas exploitation. Contrary, if worn-out, old, and rusty gas lines come from the street into your home, then gas exploitation can happen. 


You can get carbon monoxide poisoning from your gas oven if you don’t use it for the purpose the manufacturer designs them. In addition, overuse of a gas oven can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the home and lead to poisoning. So, you need to maintain precautions.  

However, you must take precautions so that there cannot arise an oven fire in your home. But if, unfortunately, it happens, you must keep a lid next to your gas oven in case of fire. After that, snuff the flames before they expand by covering the pan. Again, you can pour baking soda on the fire. But remember that, in the case of baking soda, you need to use a lot of this. 

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