Is Lamona A Good Oven? Proper Expanaton for You

As today’s world advances, everything is becoming complex, and a bit more expensive. Everything you bought 5 years back costs twice, sometimes even more. And nothing feels the same. 

But as we need to keep living, we will need to buy stuff. Maybe a car, an air conditioner, or even an oven. But we do want them to be within our limits. Lamona is one of the brands which offer a wide range of ovens that are cost-effective. 

But is Lamona a good oven? Well, the answer is a bit mixed. They can be good for some time, and break down here and there. Or can keep on running for life. 

We are going to talk about them in detail to give you a clear picture. 

Is Lamona A Good Oven

Is Lamona Oven Worth Investing On – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Lamona is a sub-brand of the well-known brand Howdens Joinery. They created Lamona to be a stand-alone brand, manufacturing home appliances like stovetops, refrigerators, microwaves, and also ovens. 

The main aim is to bring quality products with a more affordable tagline. Other Howdens products have a good reputation, so should Lamona, right? After all, they are from England, with factories in Germany and many other places. 

But as far as Lamona goes, they have given mixed experiences to its customers. Here are the things that are good and bad about Lamona ovens. 

The Good Things About Lamona Oven 

There are always good things about any appliance. The same goes for Lamona ovens. Apart from being inexpensive, it has a few marks under its hood.

Here is why Lamona ovens are good.

1. Stylish Looks

Lamona has one of the most stylish-looking ovens in its price line. While others have a generic design, Lamona went out of the way and dedicated to making it look good. 

2. Easy To Operate

Operation is quite easy. Even a first-timer can use them. There are no complex digital or mechanical functions that you cannot grasp. It’s just a good old oven, that functions. 

3. Long Warranty Period

With over a 1-3 year warranty period, you can get almost everything replaced if broken. So it is a huge pro on Lamona’s side. 

4. Huge List Of Models 

There is not one or two ovens that you have to choose from, but Lamona has more than that. With 12 single ovens, 4 double and 1 split cavity oven, you have to agree, that they have a good collection. One for everyone. 

The Bad And Ugly Of Lamona Oven

Like anything good, there is always a bad side to them. It’s natural, as there is a number of ovens Lamona manufactures. Here are the bad things that you should know about the ovens from Lamona.

1. Defective Build 

Some Lamona ovens come with a defective build. It is unsure which ones, but you can always check the reviews online for better info. Sometimes it’s just a factory defect for one batch, that gets replaced if found. 

2. Not So Reliable Parts

The worst thing is your oven parts failing on you within a few months. And this seems to be a common theme for every Lamona oven that leads people to not go for them. Faulty knobs, and elements dying before even a year, are mostly complained about. But contacting customer care gets it replaced for free every time. 

3. Bad Customer Service

Customer service needs no introduction for any organization. Maybe they are short-staffed or have a lot of complaints, sometimes it is hard to get a hold of a service manager agent. But it is not that much of a headache as you eventually get through and get things fixed. 

So Should You Get A Lamona Oven?

For the price tag, it is almost a steal. But an oven will sit in your kitchen for a very long time. And if it fails you on a very important event or holiday, you will have a core memory about it. Set aside the embarrassment. So we suggest you invest a little more and get Howden other ovens rather than their Lamona line. They are far better and live longer.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Who makes Lamona ovens?

Howdens Joinery is an appliance manufacturer brand based in England that makes Lamona ovens. 

What type of oven is Lamona?

Lamona has single ovens, double ovens, and split ovens. Each oven comes with different features and comes in different sizes. So it is best you check out their website for better info. 

Where do Lamona appliances come from?

Lamona appliances are made in Germany and also in a few Asian countries. 


Howden is a good manufacturer and has been reliable. But the Lamona line brought it down, just like Windows killed Nokia. So the best thing to do is avoid this one and go for a better one. You don’t want to be in customer service all your life, right? 

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