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If you are a fan of versatility and variety in dinnerware, you might have come across Pfaltzgraff. The USA-made dinnerware brand produces its products ranging from ceramics, stoneware, clay, and also metal embodied products.

One of the things that come to mind when you own a Pfaltzgraff dinner or cookware is that, is Pfaltzgraff oven safe.

Is Pfaltzgraff Oven Safe

Well, the question can be answered in a few ways. It depends on a lot of elements. We are going to discuss that in this article.

Is Pfaltzgraff Oven Safe? Explained!

Here we are going to discuss if your Pfaltzgraff plates, bowls, earthware, terra cotta, and stoneware products can go in the oven. You will be surprised if you are already putting some of them in the oven and why you should and should not.

How to Know Which Pfaltzgraff Cookware and Stoneware Are Oven Friendly

Although Pfaltzgraff cookware is oven-safe, no matter how they are made, be it stone, clay, or ceramic, some plates and bows are not oven friendly.

The reason behind it is how they are made. Generally, you might think that everything goes in the oven and comes out okay! So why should Pfaltzgraff be any different?

Dinnerwares are very much different than the cookware. Cookwares have a special oven-safe coating, that keeps the material safe from excessive heat. It covers the whole surface on the top, inside, and also the bottom. You can identify it as the shiny coating on your cookware. 

But normally, dinnerwares have the same coating on their top, not on the bottom. Although many Pfaltzgraffs products have a coating on both sides, you should not put your plates, bowls, and any type of dinnerware in an oven. 

This will slowly, but indefinitely will wear your dinnerware. And the colorful and delicate nature of them will be destroyed. 

You can put any type of Pfaltzgraff cookware that is oven save in the oven. No matter how they are made. Stone, clay, or ceramics, are made for the oven. And they can take on temperatures ranging from 250 to 500 degrees. 

Which Pfaltzgraff Items You Shouldn’t Put In an Oven and Why

Although you might think that stone, ceramic, and glass can go in the oven, regardless of what the manufacturer says, they will most certainly not. 

Cookware and dinnerware are two different things and are made differently in Pfaltzgraff. While you can put the cookware like pots, baking dishes in an oven without any problem, you cannot put any plate or bowl in an oven. Especially if they are not leveled oven safe.

There is a catch to oven-safe leveling in plates and bowls too. While cookware can take 300-500 degrees of heat in an oven, an oven-safe plate or bowl will only take up to 225 degrees.

So it is better if you don’t put any of the plates, bowls, or any dinnerware in an oven.

Things You Should Not Do With Pfaltzgraff Cookware and Dinnerware

Pfaltzgraff cookware and dinnerware are dishwasher friendly, oven-safe, and can be refrigerated. 

But you have to keep in mind the rules of temperature. A sudden change of temperature can crack and destroy your favorite dish.

So you should never put any dinnerware or cookware right in the oven from the refrigerator. This sudden change in temperature shocks the material and it will most probably develop a crack. Or even explode instantly. 

If you are going to warm up anything out of the fridge, let it come to room temperature first. Then you can pop it in the oven.

The same goes for hot dishes. You should never pop a warm dish right in the refrigerator. This will do the same thing. 

No matter what the material is made of, stoneware, ceramic, or clay, all of them react the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pfaltzgraff ovenproof?

Yes. Regardless of the material, both cookware and dinnerware from Pfaltzgraff are ovenproof. But cookware can take up to 500 degrees of heat, and dinnerwares can only take up to 225. So read your product’s level before putting it in the oven.

How can I tell if stoneware is oven-safe?

If you don’t have a level of stoneware, you can guess it by the look of it. The stoneware is Oven safe and will have a shiny coating all around it. From the top to the bottom. If there is a coating only on the top and not on the bottom, then the stoneware is not oven-safe. This coating keeps the dish safe from heat.

Can Pfaltzgraff Winterberry go in oven?

Yes. Pfaltzgraff Winterberry can go in an oven. But you have to keep in mind two things. One, never put any dish right from the refrigerator to the oven or the other way. It will destroy the dish. Two, dinnerware has less heat resisting capacity. So read the instruction manual to learn your dish’s capacity before popping it in the oven.

Can dinnerware go in the oven?

Yes. Some dinnerware is oven safe. They can go in the oven. Especially if they have a protective coating all around them. But they cannot withstand the same heat as cookware. Normally they can take up to 225 degrees of temperature in an oven.


Pfaltzgraff dinnerware and cookware come with intricate designs and colors. They are oven safe, dishwasher safe, and can go a very long time. It is like a chef’s dream to have one of their sets. But to maintain them is the key.

If you don’t follow the rules of temperature fluctuation and pop in the oven right out of the refrigerator, your dish will gradually lose its color. And in the worst case, burst instantly. This goes mainly for dinnerwares. For cookware, on the other hand, you have to follow the temperature fluctuation rule. But they can take up more heat than dinnerwares. 

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