Where Is the Coolest Air Found Inside an Oven? Solving the Oven’s Mystery

The coolest air inside an oven is at the bottom part near the oven door. Because the oven door has metal, mostly steel in it, the heat from the coil gets absorbed and the hot air floats to the top of the oven.

Although different manufactured ovens can be different from each other, commonly the coolest spot will be near the door at the bottom. If there are many steel materials, there will be cool spots too. 

Where Is the Coolest Air Found Inside an Oven

Identifying the Chillest Corner Inside an Oven

Inside an oven, when the baking process takes place, it also heats the air inside the oven. So, the air that is present at the bottom of the oven gets heated up, as a result, the air becomes warm and lighter.

Because heat makes the air less dense and it gets lighter. Eventually, it rises towards the top of the oven. As this hot air rises, it again cools down and its density gets higher. Therefore, the air gets heavy and it falls at the bottom. 

The heat again heats the cool air and the cycle continues, and this process allows the food items to get warm inside the oven. Thus, the coolest air is found always at the bottom of an oven due to its higher density.  

How to find the coolest spot in the oven

To find the coolest spot in your oven, you can try some experiments. Such as baking, some shredded coconut on all sides of your oven or you can bake some white slices of bread to see the changes while baking them. 

As a result, you can identify the coolest spot by seeing the unbaked or less baked foods. At first, buy some inexpensive white pieces of bread to identify the coolest spot.

Then, spread it on your oven racks top to bottom and side by side all over the oven. After spreading, bake it for some time at a moderate temperature. After some time, check your bread.

And, You will notice the difference in your bread’s colors. There will be some dark browned bread and some will be whitish. In addition, some will be perfectly baked. The whitish bread places will be your oven’s coolest spots. And dark brown bread’s placing spots will be the hottest spots inside your oven.

How to use your oven with uneven baking

It is obvious that your oven will not cook perfectly even in every corner of the oven. Therefore, you have to use your oven keeping that in mind.

  • Try to position your pan in the oven carefully, because it will be hot at the top, bottom, and sides of the oven.
  • If you are baking one pan, place it in the middle rack and center of the oven.
  • If you are trying to bake multiple pans, rotate your pan after a while. It will evenly bake your food.

How to Fix an Uneven Baking Oven?

If you notice your oven is baking unevenly, you may have to fix it to get properly baked foods. You can fix it by yourself by taking some extra care of your oven. 

On the other hand, you may have to contact the authorized company to fix it if the problem is too complicated. Here are some ways to fix an uneven baking oven.

  • Use aluminum foil at the bottom: If you use an aluminum foil, at the bottom of your oven, the foil will absorb the heat and will reflect the heat evenly to the food.
  • Increase airflow: Airflow will help the food to bake evenly. Blocking the airflow will bake your food unevenly. 
  • Close your oven door: If you open the oven door frequently, the temperature of the oven inside will not increase. As a result, this will not help your food to cook evenly.
  • Preheat your oven: If you have time, preheat your oven every time you try to use your oven. This will help your food to bake perfectly.
  • Use oven-safe bakeware: if you want to cook your food evenly, use the oven-safe bakeware. Otherwise, the food will not be cooked.
  • Follow the instructions: always follow the oven manual to avoid uneven baking.
  • Call the authorized service: if you see your oven is facing temperature calibration, call your service agent to avoid worsening your oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qu 1: Why is the bottom rack hotter in an oven though hot air rises to the top?

For an electric oven: if you simply turn the oven on, the bottom-heating element is what heats up. Therefore, although hot air rises, the heat source is coming from the bottom. 

It is also a very small space, so the hot air does not have much room to rise anywhere. If you want your heat to come from the top heating element in the oven, turn on the broil option.

Qu 2: What are some good tips for an oven that is too hot at the bottom?

Get a pizza stone (or maybe just a slab of marble) and place this either on the base of the oven or on the lowest wire rack. When you heat the oven, the stone will get hot, but it will not be as fiercely hot as the metal base of the oven.

Qu 3: What happens to wet instruments in a hot air oven?

Inside the hot air oven, the pressure built is almost zero so if we put the wet material inside the oven it will be burnt. To dry, the wet instrument one can use an autoclave where the pressure built up is high.

Qu 4: Why is the outside of my oven hot?

Ovens can get hot on the outside. Heat tends to rise and this can cause certain elements of an oven to get warm including the top. 

This is normal and to be expected if an oven has been running for hours at a time. Some ovens are better insulated than others, which means they retain heat better.


Depending on the materials, the coolest spots can vary from oven to oven. If your oven has steel in it, the steel will absorb the heat and make the spot a cool spot.

To make your oven last long, clean your oven regularly and use oven-safe bakeware. And do not bake with the oven door open

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