[EXPLAINED] Are Cheap Grills Worth It?

You can find many cheap grills on affiliate sites or in your local BBQ accessories store that cost only a couple hundred bucks. Even you’ll find most of them are pretty good-looking, the same as the premium. So, does that mean cheap grills are worth it?

No, they aren’t. Initially, you’ll find them attractive as they come at a low price and look as good as new or high-quality. But eventually, you’ll realize that they aren’t actually a good option for grilling at all. Basically, the number of cheap grills you may replace over the years, you can buy a high-end grill with that price in the first place and there won’t be any hassle to face.

Here, we’re going to explain the reasons behind the cheap grills aren’t worth it in detail. So, you’re requested to stay with us till the end of this post. Therefore, here we go!

Are Cheap Grills Worth It

Are Cheap Grills Really Good Enough?

Obviously, there are reasons that make cheap grills cheap. You may find them efficient concerning their outlook. But when you start trying them, you’ll notice the differences compared to expensive grills and lackings over time. Now, let’s get deeper and see why cheap grills aren’t good enough.

1. Poor Build Quality

Cheap grills often look like they are built with high-quality materials and the reason is it’s glossy paint and shiny metal. But it’s just a hoax. The actual material underneath is low-end, making the grills so vulnerable to outer impact. Another thing is most of them are made of very thin metal. Therefore, they are inefficient to contain and deliver heat, and you may notice wear or warp holes after a few months. In short, the durability of a cheap grill is very poor and it won’t last long. 

2. Poor Cooking Quality

Cheap grills aren’t capable of cooking the foods as expected. Their burners don’t flare up properly, offer less control over the heat, and fail to distribute it evenly. Lastly, they rust and wear out easily. If you want an enjoyable grilling experience or to throw a BBQ party with your desired ones, don’t go for a cheap grill. This will make things worse. 

3. Lower Safety Standards

As you know, a defective grill can cause numerous accidents such as catching fire, explosions, etc. And in most cases, the cheap grills become defective earlier as they are produced in factories with lower safety standards. With inexpensive grills, there can be gas hose leakage, defective LP (liquid propane) regulators, etc that are responsible for the early-mentioned accidents.

4. Lack of Service

With a cheap grill, there’s a higher chance that it’ll require fixing or replacing its part on and off. Its low-end quality is to blame for that. But doing so becomes pretty difficult when you find that you can’t get the replacement parts (mostly made overseas) as they are already sold or the manufacturers don’t produce the parts anymore. Even if you try to contact the manufacturer that made your grill, it’s nearly impossible to know about them from your inexpensive, imported grill.

5. Uncertainty of Warranties

Last but not least, there won’t be any certain warranties for most cheap grills. You may find the label on your grill that states a 10-year warranty, but in reality, the warranty is only applicable for cheap parts. The major parts may or may not have warranties. If they have, it’ll cover just one year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do cheap grills last?

The lifespan of cheap grills is noticeably less compared to expensive grills. Where expensive or high-quality grills can last up to 25 years, cheap or low-quality grills can withstand only around 2-5 years. 

What are cheap grills made of?

Unlike expensive grills, cheap grills are basically made of thin sheet metal. Being a thin sheet, it doesn’t require more production cost and that’s why grills made with it are cheaper in price. But it also causes rust and quicker wear out to cheaper grills

Should I buy cheap grills over expensive grills?

No. Expensive grills obviously offer better cooking, more durability, reliability, and longevity. That’s the reason they are so expensive. Cheap grills won’t provide any of those in a better way. But sometimes which one you should go for also relies on your budget. If you can’t afford an expensive grill, the only option is to buy a cheaper one.


At this point, it’s pretty assumable that you’ve got the whole point about the worth of cheap grills. To make it more clear, if you can afford an expensive grill then go for it. Cheap grills never gonna offer you the better. They are inconvenient to use, inefficient to cook, risky, and won’t last longer than every grill buyer typically expects. In short, it’s better to avoid cheap grills.

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