[EXPLORED] Can I Buy An Element For My Oven?

You don’t often think you need an oven until you crave something specific only you can bake with your special recipe. Without an element, there is no use for an oven. And coincidentally you wake up to an oven with a dead element. 

This is the kind of dilemma that could breed frustration and conflict in the family. In order to avoid it, you might consider buying a brand-new oven. But your oven is absolutely fine, it is only your element that is not. So is it worth buying a new oven? No! This is because you can easily find an element for your oven. It can save up the money you are going to spend on a new oven

Can I Buy An Element For My Oven

Which Element will be the Best for My Oven?

It is extremely important to know which element would be the best for your oven. Here are some factors to consider.

  1. Oven’s manual: Your oven manual should be able to say what kind of an element you need in order to replace it. 
  2. Element type: Elements are not one type but several. Some of the types are bake element, broil element, and heating element for specific functions.
  3. Check specifications: Your element has to match your oven’s voltage, wattage, and dimensions. For that, you need to check your oven’s specifications.
  4. Compatibility: Make sure you buy an element that is compatible with the brand of the oven. Incompatibility can make your oven 
  5. Search for review: If you browse through the internet, you will be sure to find some reviews of the element you are about to buy. Reading them is essential for a smart purchase.
  6. Call up helpline: You can always contact the place you got your oven from to retain some professional opinion on your element. 

How To Set Up An Element?

To set up an element, you have to follow the steps below. 

  1. Unplug and disconnect: Unplug all your old wires and switches to ensure absolute safety before installing a new element for your oven.
  2. Removing the back panel: Removing the back panel of the oven can help make it easy to install a new element.
  3. Disconnect the wires: Disconnecting all wires can ensure installing your new element is safe and properly placed. 
  4. Set up the new element: If it is necessary, trim and strip the wires to set up the element. Place the new element where the old element used to be. Make sure you use screws and brackets to fasten it together.
  5. Connect wires: Connect the wires of the new elements where the old wires used to be. Make sure you connect them all.
  6. Test for security: Check to see if your oven is working properly with the new elements. Make sure all your wires are working properly. 
  7. Final check: One final check would concern a thorough review of everything you have done in this list. After the double-check, make sure you test for security again. If there is something wrong, immediately consult a professional.c

Pro Tips

  • Always check for the signs of burning
  • Always keep your oven manual in a safe place
  • Check your wires for damage or tear.
  • Take pictures of wire placement in your old elements. It can help you when you connect the wires of a new element.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Is it okay to replace the element by yourself?
While it is okay to replace your oven element by yourself, consulting a professional is recommended.

How will I understand that my element is faulty?

You will need a multimeter for this. Using a multimeter, you can perform a continuity test to check if your oven element is faulty or not.


Well, there you have it. A cost-efficient way to repair your old oven! Hopefully, this will help you save some bucks and make your BBQ or house party experiences as worthwhile as it always is. 

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