[ANSWERED] Can I Use My Oven if the Glass Cooktop Is Cracked?

Glass cooktops have become very popular nowadays because of their attractive sleek and polished appearance. Additionally, they heat up quicker compared to traditional coil cooktops and are convenient to clean. Overall, they become pretty demandable worldwide. But the fact is their fragile nature likely makes them vulnerable to outer impacts. As they’re built of glass, they can crack or completely break, and it has been already seen that many users have cracked glass cooktops. 

They have a common question in their mind whether they can use the oven part in this case. The simplest answer to this question is yes. The oven can be used even though the glass cooktop is cracked but under a specific circumstance. However, it isn’t recommended for a few reasons. Read the entire post to have a clear idea about this topic. 

Can I Use My Oven if the Glass Cooktop Is Cracked

Is It Safe to Use the Oven if the Glass Cooktop Is Cracked?

Yes, it is safe as long as both the cooktop and the oven share a separate electrical circuit and operate as a separate device. Whether or not the cooktop and the oven are connected depends on the exact model of the appliance. A number of appliances come with where the oven is connected to the cooktop and share the same electrical circuit and temperature control. But most modern appliances operate independently from the cooktops using a different circuit. So, make sure which model you’re using and check whether the oven operates independently.

If so, there’s nothing to worry about at all. Otherwise, there’s a chance that using the oven can affect the cracked cooktop (most likely associated with the electrical circuits), which makes the cooktop prone to operating thermal stress. So, if you try to use the cooktop by any chance, it can cause it to shatter or make the crack extend into the internal wiring and increase the risk of danger. For example – the electricity can arc and cause a fire accident. Therefore, it’ll be overall better not to use the cracked glass cooktop and replace it as soon as possible. 

Relevant Questions

Should I use my oven if the glass is cracked?

No, you shouldn’t. Even though the crack seems a minor problem in the first place, when there’s excessive thermal stress, the glass can’t isolate the heat. As a result, it can pose a safety hazard by allowing heat to escape and cause a fire hazard. Additionally, the crack can spread and eventually shatter completely. On the contrary, even if it doesn’t cause any accident or harm, the efficiency will definitely be reduced and your electricity bill will be increased.  

What should I do when the glass cooktop breaks?

Truth to tell, there’s no better option than replacing the entire glass part in this case. If it was a minor damage or scratch, you could try to fix it with baking soda solution. But when it comes to cracks or breaks, nothing can fix such damage. In this case, the only effective solution is to replace the glass. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve read this far, it should be clear to you that you can use the oven but only when it isn’t connected to the cooktop, or we can say, doesn’t share the same electrical circuit. Regardless of the severity of the crack, it’s better to replace the cooktop to avoid any type of risk. The replacing or repairing cost will vary on particular model but it can typically range from $300-$400. So, what are you thinking right now? Share your feedback with us. 

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