What Are The Meanings Of Power XL Air Fryer Buttons?

Imagine a family gathering. You are cooking for the first time, maybe one of the first times, in an air fryer. You cannot fathom why you chose air fryer as your cooking warrior in the first place anyway, but as you calmed down, you realized it was healthier and more convenient. But amidst all the convenience, there is a huge inconvenience, that is the air fryer buttons. 

If you really wanted to sit down and wrack your brain to figure out something, you would have just gone to work instead of planning this very mood lifting party. Well, fret not, for this article will help you understand the use of air fryer buttons, particularly a Power XL air fryer! We will learn in depth what each button is used for. 

What Are The Meanings Of Power XL Air Fryer Buttons

What Do The Buttons Of Power XL Air Fryer Mean?

Below are the meaning of each of the buttons of Power XL Air Fryer. 

  1. Food presets: Like any other air fryer, Power XL air fryers are used to air fry food. Power XL air fryers take it up a notch by incorporating not one, not  two but twelve built in food presets! Ofcourse, the air fry feature uses a lot of heat and heat circulating fans to give your food a proper and appetizing taste. In addition though, there is a slow cook function in the air fryer. It will help cook food that needs steady and slow attention, like roasted chicken and pork chop. The steam function helps you have even more food range as you can now steam food on Power XL air fryer. You can now steam vegetables, seafood and dumplings in the very air fryer you would slow cook. Other than this, you can bake, grill, simmer, and use a lot of features from the food preset button. 
  1. Play/Pause button: Now unless you are playing a culinary, dreaming-of-becoming-a-chef centered movie, you can hardly put together a play/pause button with cooking. However, air fryers have adopted this amazingly confusing feature of play/pause buttons. On to the use of this button, it is mainly to play and pause your cooking for you to check if your food is well done or not. You can check the temperature through this button and decide if your food is thoroughly cooked. 
  1. -/+ button: On to another puzzling button, there is this amazing +/- button. This feature is only used for setting the time and temperature according to your food recipe. Pretty helpful, right. This is probably the least confusing button in the Power XL air fryer.
  2. Keep warm: This Keep Warm button is essentially interesting. When you use the Keep Warm button, you are basically ensuring success in serving your food nice and warm. The warmth of the food is ensured by distributing power to the bottom elements. A convection fan can be turned on to even out the heating process and to prevent the food from turning too brown too quickly. 
  1. Dehydrate: We have heard a lot of name for air fryers to be fast and cook at a high temperature. Power XL air fryers can also cook certain food at a low temperature, basically dehydrating the food, like beef jerky. This is yet another food preset in this air fryer for you to dehydrate certain foods.

Pro Tips:

  • Clean your air fryer thoroughly before and after cooking your food.
  • Never overcrowd your cooking basket as air fryers are prone to being overwhelmed more than ovens.
  • Experiment with the air fryer buttons, to best understand and familiarize yourself with your air fryer cooking. 
  • Periodically check on the food as it cooks on the Power XL air fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there air fryer buttons for shake or flip?

There may be such buttons in some air fryers, but not all. Usually the feature is included in the play/pause button. 

What should I do if the Power XL air fryer buttons are not working?

Please contact the Power company for a professional opinion whenever your air fryer is not working properly. 


Well now the air fryer button mystery is finally solved. You should count this as one of your greatest accomplishments, to be honest. Jokes apart, I hope this article has helped you understand better about your air fryer features and now you can cook up amazing dishes without any confusion or worries!

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