How to Calibrate a Furrion RV Oven | A Step By Step Guideline

Have you ever noticed any inconsistency between the actual oven temperature and the temperature that is shown on the display of your oven? 

Imagine a time when you turn on the preheat mode of your Furrion RV oven at 350 degrees in order to bake something as quickly as possible. But the misfortune is, after a definitive preheat time when you open the door, you can sense that the oven is still at the 100-degree temperature. 

How to Calibrate a Furrion Rv Oven

And exactly then, oven calibration comes into play in order to resolve the issue with the inconsistent temperature. If you are a Furrion Rv user, you may see this problem more often. 

But don’t worry. You can calibrate your Furrion Rv oven at home to make the actual temperature consistent with the oven thermometer. 

What Does Oven Calibration Mean?

Simply put, calibration is another word for adjustments. Oven calibration is mandatory when the actual temperature in the oven is different from what is shown in the digital thermometer. Then adjusting the actual temperature to the inbuilt oven thermometer that reflects on the oven display is necessary. And this adjustment of temperature is called oven calibration.

Basically, a Furrion Rv oven is highly convenient to use for its simple and easy control panel. But everything else gets annoying when the oven thermometer cannot measure the actual temperature. And as this is so unpredictable, you may get into a cooking mess if you don’t know how to calibrate a furrion Rv oven.

How do I calibrate my RV oven? If that’s the question left to answer, here is our take on the process to help you with the calibration of your RV oven.

Calibrating a Furrion RV Oven- Step by Step

Remember, calibration is required when the actual temperature inside of the oven doesn’t sync with what shows on the display of your oven. When such happens, your food may come out under or overcooked. That’s why proper maintenance is highly required to solve the issue through calibration. 

How do I fix my oven calibration? Here it is.

  • In the beginning, you will have to measure the actual temperature of the inside of the oven with an oven-safe thermometer. Just place the thermometer right in the middle of the oven rack and turn on the pre-heat mode at a temperature of your preference. When the preheating is done, bring the thermostat out and note down the temperature.
  • Now put off the temperature control knob. The knob will be held by two screws. A Phillips screwdriver will be perfect for this job.
  • There will be an adjustment screw right behind the control knob that you just pulled off. Now if you turn the adjustment screw clockwise the temperature will go up and the temperature will go down if you turn the screw anti-clockwise. 

Be resilient while turning the knob. Do that as slowly as possible to reach the actual temperature that was measured by the thermometer.

  • Now, to check the improvement, set the oven in a pre-heat mode for 30 minutes at the temperature of 350-degree C. or 177-degree F. Then measure the actual temperature with the thermometer and assess the difference. If the actual temperature is between 330-degree C. to 370-degree C, that means your Furrion RV oven calibration is successful.

Want to Calibrate Your Oven with a Digital Control System?

This process is simple too. Just go through the user manual provided by the manufacturer. There will be instructions on how you can calibrate your oven. There must be a button or a dial to help you with adjusting the temperature. The arrows will indicate which way you will have to turn the knob to adjust the temperature. For gas oven calibration, you can follow this method as well.

How Do I Calibrate My Oven Sensor?

Sensor calibration is all about adjustments that make the instrument with the sensor perform with ultimate accuracy and error-free. If you want to calibrate your RV oven sensor, at first, you have to pull off the integrated oven thermometer placed right behind the temperature knob. Then using a thermometer, Inspect the temperature of the oven sensor and compare it to the actual temperature. Now, adjust the difference by turning the adjustment dial. To assess the effectiveness, bake something for 30 seconds and the sensor will be calibrated. 

How Do You Use a Furrion RV Oven?

An RV oven is not anywhere similar to a modern electrical oven. This machine uses propane gas for its heating mechanism to work. Unlike any electrical oven, you will have to externally light up the pilot light with a lighter or matches. There is no sparkling mechanism in a Furrion RV oven in order to automatically light up the heater. When the pilot light is lit, all you have to do is to set the required temperature and cook. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Rv Oven Is Accurately Calibrated?

Set the temperature at 360 degrees F. Note down four temperature settings every 30 minutes and calculate their average. If the average temperature is between 320 degrees to 370 degrees F., then your Rv oven is calibrated perfectly. 

How Do I Know My Oven Is Working Fine?

To inspect whether your Rv oven is working properly or not, put an oven-friendly thermometer on the oven rack. Set the temperature and 360-degree F for 20 minutes. Check the temperature value on the thermometer and compare it with the temperature shown on the oven display. The difference will tell you whether your oven is working fine or not.

How Do I Know When the Oven Has Preheated?

Most modern ovens these days have a preheat indicator light. The light signals and maintains the pre-heating cycle. It may turn on or off to signal when the oven reaches the absolute preheating temperature. In addition to that, using an external oven-friendly thermostat can be used to measure the preheat temperature. However, that involves a bit of extra effort.


Furrion RV oven is one of the most popular and must-have kitchen appliances. Its convenient features and simple maintenance made it a top choice for every household to have in their kitchen. But the only problem with any Rv oven is a malfunction with the temperature sensor. And in that case, if you know how to calibrate your oven, both money and time for calibration will be saved.

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