Can You Stack a Mini Freezer on Top of A Mini Fridge? Tips And Advice

Stacking two appliances is a great thing for increasing the space of a room. Are you one of them who is willing to stack a mini freezer on top of a mini fridge? If yes, then this article is the very right place for you. Now you are wondering whether it is possible to put a mini freezer on a mini fridge.

Well, it’s possible to do so but the manufacturer suggests not doing this kind of thing as it can damage the mini-fridge. The main reason behind this is a mini fridge can take 20 lbs on top of it. If you provide more than this then it may damage your mini fridge.

In today’s article, we have briefly discussed this topic. Go through the entire article and gather the knowledge that you need.

Can You Stack a Mini Freezer on Top of A Mini Fridge

So, Is It Possible to Stack a Mini Freezer on Top of a Mini Fridge?

Yes, it’s possible to do but before doing it you must know the circumstances and necessary information. The main reason that the manufacturer won’t allow stacking a mini freezer on top of a mini fridge is, a mini fridge can take a load of 20 lbs but a mini freezer weigh more than 20 lbs. When you are going to put a heavier item, then the lifespan and working efficiency can be reduced.

Another thing you need to keep in mind while stacking a mini freezer on top of a mini fridge is, there should be a proper ventilation system and a proper balance between them. Because, if there is not a proper balance between two appliances, they will fall down when you operate them. And without proper ventilation, the fridge gains more heat which is not acceptable.

What To Do to Stack a Mini Freezer on Top of A Mini Fridge

When you are willing to stack a mini freezer on top of a mini fridge, then a spacer and anti-tip bracket will be a great help. Follow this guideline for stacking.

  • As the mini freezer weighs more than 20 lbs and it may hamper the mini-fridge. In this case, you can put a plywood or spacer to support the weight of it.
  • Also, you can use anti-tip brackets to anchor the mini freezer to the back wall. And then it will rest on a mini fridge with less weight.
  • There you can also find staking racks. It helps to combine two units into one fit and it offers more stability than other options.
  • Ensure proper ventilation. Because when you are providing more than 20 lbs on the mini-fridge, with time, more heat will generate inside the fridge and it will reduce the working efficiency as well as it will harm the compressor.


While stacking, make sure the flooring surface is steady. If there are any rugs or carpets under the mini-fridge, take them out. It will provide stability. Otherwise, both the fridge and freezer will fall down.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can I put things on top of my mini fridge?

Yes, you can put things on top of your mini fridge. Always choose lightweight items to keep on top of the mini-fridge.

Can a mini fridge have a freezer?

Yes, a mini fridge has a freezer in it.


Lastly, it’s better not to put a mini freezer on top of a mini fridge. And if you don’t have any option left, then follow the guidelines that we have mentioned in our article and stack your mini fridge and mini freezer. Also, if you are planning to buy a mini freezer and mini fridge, then we will suggest you only buy a mini-fridge because it comes with freezer storage of 3 to 3.5 c-ft.

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